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    Guests Dr. Dena Cabrera - Mom in the Mirror & Frank Baking Memories for Kids

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    Marriage for Today with Marriage Coaches, speakers, authors Mike & Trisha Fox - Guest Dr. Dena Cabrera - Mom in the Mirror and creator of Baking Memories for Kids are our special guests.
    When it comes to body, health and image, we have a lot going on. But special guest on Marriage for Today with Mike & Trisha Fox Dr. Dena Cabrera will deal directly with the impact of our body image has - especially in a busy society with families, schedules and hectic lives.
    As well, Frank decided to bake cookies and raise money because of the amazing responses he received from his pool customers when they received his cookies as holiday gifts from him... they all wanted more cookies and talked about them all summer. So Frank decided to turn it into a way to help people in need.
    Marriage for Today

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    Thank you for your interest in Generational Teen Talk Radio Show. This is a leadership program where area teens from middle school and high school choose their own topics, produce the show, host the show, and discuss the topic live and openly on internet radio. 

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    test trial run for future conference calls

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    trial run of future conference calls

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    Walmart Black Friday Deals and Tips 2013

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    Walmart has made some crazy Black Friday announcements and scheduled a ton of events. I will help you sort through it all and come up withthe best Black Friday Stragtegy to save you money!
    This should be a lot of fun. I wil be taking live calls and have a live chat session! See all the Black Friday Posts at www.iheartthemart.com

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    The "C" of these emotions

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    When I am bothered by my own mistakes. That is when I have to take a moment to reflect on my past experiences in order to remember that I have come a long way in this life and I am constantly growing to become a better person. I have discovered that I am filled with various emotions and there is a trigger some place that causes those emotions to rise up within me. What is that trigger?
    I choose to call that trigger "cause". Let's look at that word so that we can get to the bottom of our daily emotions. First I will give the word a short name in this program. I'll call it "C". "C" will be the name for the word "trigger". I hope that you will join me daily as we explore the "C" of our emotions or the "trigger" of our emotions. We will examine the "C" (cause) of our anger, the "C" of our resentment, the "C" of our lust, the "C" of our convictions, the "C" of our rebellion and many other "C"s. 
    Bring with you an open mind, but please don't bring profanity of loud/ angry vocal ranges, as you may force me to mute your very important message by shutting off the volume on your microphone. I really do want to hear every one's point of view.
    Let me say right now, that I am a believer of the almighty God and I wear the position of an evangelist. What this means is, you may hear me relate to you by the means of Biblical writings. I will, however, keep it real. So let's get going with the "C" of these emotions.

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    Felicia R Hughes: Adoption story

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    Join us as we celebrate National adoption month in November, our guest is Felicia Hughes she is going to share her adoption journey with us.  Feel free to call  and ask questions.   
    Eva Mende

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    Dz Buzz Episode 25 Uncle Eddie's Memories CONCLUSION

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    Dz Buzz Episode 25 Uncle Eddie's Memories CONCLUSION

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    Children's World of Music

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    Children's World of Music is a Non Profit Organization deicated to giving disadvantaged Children an outlet for creative talents. It will offer Children many different programs all centered around music, including but not limited to Learning to read and write music, play instruments, music production, dejay skills, dance, voice, stage presence, and copyrighting. Join me for a detailed explanation and learn how you can support this organization. 

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    Meet David Banach

    in Parents

    Learn about what inpired David Banach to run for office and what his future goals are.

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    Positive relationships with your child's school

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    It's November and the school year is up and running.  How's your relationship with your special needs child's school?  
    You can follow Kim at  The Special Needs Examiner

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    Vaccines, Titers and your Pup with Dr. Karen Becker

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    In this episode we will have the opportunity to speak with Dr, Karen Becker about Vaccines and titers.  It is something that is very close to my heart after having lost a dog to Hemolytic Autoimmune Anemia, which is believed to be brought on by over vaccinating.  Up until then my dogs were vaccinated every year and probably with every vaccine that the Veterinarian told me was important.
    After that I began titering and Mattie, my first titered dog, never needed the additional core vaccines. I continued to get him Rabies and Bordetella (since he went to Doggie Daycare and overnight when I went away). 
    I think that this is important for everyone to learn about and understand, but not being an expert myself I called one in.
    I hope that this is as eye opening for you as it was for me when I first learned of it.
    To learn more or sign up to receive Dr. Becker's Newsletter you can go to mercolahealthypets.com.

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