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    Montessori Preschool Learning Program For Ages 3-6

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    The Montessori experience at an early age prepares children at a later age to be able to isolate, classify, discriminate, analyze, and use critical thinking skills. It is the basis for creative learning and intellectual curiosity.” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori
    When children come to Montessori Academy of Chapel Hill Preschool they enter a Children’s House. In the Children’s House, children as young as three and as old as six, learn side-by-side. Younger children observe higher lessons and get excited about the next level. Older students self-confidently guide younger peers. By grouping in this way, Teachers are able to guide the continuous progress of the child in the most productive and nurturing manner.  Read more at the website....

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    Happy Birthday

    in Friends

    This 15 Minute segment is dedicated to my co host. She one of my best friends in the world and today was her birthday!

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    How To Avoid Getting Scammed in the Reptile Industry

    in Pets

    Tonight we have Jeff Scott who will be joining us to talk about how to not get scammed in the reptile industry.

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    Chatting Pittie Behavior Training with Drayton Michaels

    in Pets

    On this week's PittieChat, we talk with Pit Bull Guru Drayton Michaels. Drayton shares his insights on dog training using positive reinforcement and scientific princples of animal behavior.

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    SACD? Who are we ?

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    To serve the communities of the Caribbean Diaspora.  
    To engage the communities of the Caribbean Diaspora through the exploration of our common interests and concerns, and through our collective resources ensure the welfare and advancement of the Caribbean Diaspora. 
    As an organization, we seek to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the people of the Caribbean Diaspora.
    We seek to identify talents and encourage wealth-building, lifelong education, self-development and personal responsibility through networking opportunities, educational seminars, conferences, community projects, humanitarian efforts, and charity. We also seek to promote the foods, culture and arts of the Caribbean, for a more enlightened and sustainable future for the Caribbean Diaspora.
    “Working together for a better future”.

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    Fully Womanly Coffee Break

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    ugh! tired of drama.

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    do you wish people would just leave you alone? 

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    Helping Seniors That Hoard

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    Simple Strategies to Help Hoarders
    Debra Kricensky of St. Louis County and Sally Morgan, owner of SOS: Simple Organized Solutions LLC talk about strategies to help hoarders.
    Ms. Kricensky has been working for St. Louis County for 7 ½ years as a Resource Coordinator for the Problem Properties Unit (PPU).  She works with individuals who have property maintenance violations, some of which are caused by hoarding for 14 years.
    Sally has helped family members, friends, and co-workers clear their clutter and organize their time and spaces. Immediately after transforming their spaces, she noticed a sense of calm about them. They could think clearly and achieve goals that were not within reach because of the clutter. 
    International OCD Foundation - http://www.ocfoundation.org/hoarding/
    Sally E. Morgan l Professional Organizer
    SOS: Simple Organized Solutions LLC
    11469 Olive Blvd Ste 189    Creve Coeur, MO  63141-7108 314-308-5322  
    Debbie Kricensky, Resource Coordinator
    Problem Properties Unit
    St. Louis County Public Works, 1050 N. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO  63132
    314.486.8906 (cell)

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    Today's Youth Talking at Thorp Junior High School

    in Youth

    Listen to what the Students at Thorp Junior Hogh have to say.... It's purely amazing...

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    Why should teachers and Bus drivers pay be increased

    in Family

    Tune in to hear what Mellow Yellow has to say about why the pay rate should be more.

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    THSC Runoff Election Town Hall- Tim Lambert, Dan Patrick

    in Family

    THSC President Tim Lambert along with Lieutenant Governor Candidate Dan Patrick will be discussing the issues facing home schoolers and conservatives in the 2014 Runoff elections.
    The discussion will also range over other important issues including the latest updates on the Tutt case, involving a home school family whose children were recently removed illegally by CPS, as well as the Texas Home School Coalition's new pilot program, the THSC Rangers.

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