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    Real Rescue, a Rogue Rescue or a Hoarder? Tune in and learn the difference!

    in Pets

    There has been a lot of talk lately about what is a reputable rescue vs. a questionable one. Why are we seeing more and more cases of animal hoarding? In some cases, these animal hoarders are associated within the rescue community. "Animal hoarding is a complex and intricate issue with far-reaching effects that encompass mental health, animal welfare and public safety concerns. Animals "collected" by hoarders range in species from cats and dogs to reptiles, rodents, birds, exotics and even farm animals." This quote was taken from the article below.
    Guest panel consists of:
    Investigator Jack Breckenridge,  Montgomery County Police's Animal Services Division. 15 year Veternan with the Dept.
    Director Thomas Koenig,  Montgomery County Police's Animal Service Division.
    Gregory Lawrence DVM, Chief Veterinarian, Montgomery County Police's Animal Service Division.
    Dr. Joti Samra, a  Registered Psychologist based in Vancouver, B.C., who is the featured clinical expert in all three seasons of the Animal Planet docu-reality series Confessions: Animal Hoarding, developed by the producers of the critically acclaimed A & E series Intervention.
    Mr. Brent Foster, Spalding County Shelter Manager. 21 year Veternan.
    Sherrif Wayne Ivey, Brevard County Sheriff's Office
    Call in with any questions, comments or concerns.  (516) 418-5682.
    Join us,
    Inspector Bark
    Darcy Butkus

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    Welcome to Your Fuller Life: The Unstoppable Woman of Purpose II

    in Moms and Family

    Join us as we discuss with these Unstoppable Women of Purpose what made them decide to join the global movement of Empowerment in Women; The Unstoppable Woman of Purpose. The importance or reaching women globally who desire to unleash their inner-fierce self, embrace their gifts with feminine grace, ignite their passion, value their worth and ultimately step into that UNSTOPPABLE Woman of Purpose they were meant to be.
    Lori Stancil, Lauren White, Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Rebecca Adams will discuss how it was that they became Unstoppable and why we are all worthy of living the unstoppable life. How and why you can and should walk in your purpose, strength, and unstoppable power.
    Tune in to learn how you too can step into your greatness and become an Unstoppable Woman of Purpose as the women in this Anthology, The Unstoppable Woman of Purpose, have.

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    Fish Keeping 101 Beginner Guide: Setting up & Planning your First Aquarium

    in Pets

    The Tropical Fish Keeping Hobby has been getting more popular over the last few years and for good reasons.Fish tanks have been proven to be a great stress and high blood pressure reducer as the fish help soothe the mind and soul and make you feel calm and enjoy the watery scenery. Many people either enter the aquarium hobby from a family member who had a tank but no longer wanted it, or they want a new pet. Movies like Finding Nemo and Finding Dory have also caused kids to want to rush out and get an aquarium to keep fish. However, not everyone who gets into the aquarium hobby will succeed because this hobby requires a lot of research and time! Most people fail because they add fish too fast or get the wrong fish. For example Dory is a fish that even seasoned aquarists sometimes have a hard time keeping. Fish Keeping 101 is going to be aimed towards beginners and is going to have helpful tips and information to make sure the beginner's succeed.
    Fish Keeping 101 A Beginner's Guide to: Planning, Purchasing, and Setting Up Your Aquarium
    ~ What to do before getting your first aquarium
    ~ Where to buy your aquarium... is it better to buy new or used?
    ~ Tips for Purchasing an Aquarium
    ~ Tips on equipment needed for your aquarium
    ~ Discussion on how to set up your aquarium
    Enjoy the show!

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    (Replay) Leopard gecko breeding and incubation special with Marcia Mc Guiness

    in Pets

    Airing tonight 1/24/16 at 8:00 P.M. est
    (Replay) Leopard gecko breeding and incubation special with Marcia McGuinness of Golden Gate Geckos
    Here is a great past episode about breeding Leopard Geckos and incubation of their eggs.Almost 3 hours long! I am replaying this show due to the high demand of questions related to this topic during this time of year. I hope this will help you have a succesful leopard gecko breeding season and that all your animals do well. Please help our show by sharing the page and show links on facebook. www.facebook.com/geckonationradio. Join our group on facebook called Gecko Nation.

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    in Pets

    Tuesday May 30, 2017
    6pm Pacific 
    Tonight I have Chris Chappell (pronounced chapel ((I know, I wanted a punny intro too))). A few years of breeding Leopard Geckos, building racks for 4 years, I like this guy already. I will be getting into the meat of rack building and selling, shipping, shows, and whatever else I can come up with, it's my show so I can! :P 
    See you guys Tuesday!

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    Fear Less Parenting - Teens and Young Adults

    in Parents

    We are excited to have our guests from May join us again to share the amazing journey of parenting teens and young adults with our guests, Catherine Stafford and Alastair Gardiner in this month's podcast.  Stephanie Rule is our host.
    Catherine is a mom of 4, a therapist in private practice, a Certified NHA Advanced Trainer and well known chldren's book author.  (Full bio here )
    Alastair is dad to 3 boys.  He is an international speaker and presenter, a Certified NHA Advanced Trainer.  He works with intense children around the world and consults with foster care givers around the globe.  (Full bio here)

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    What Horses Can Teach Us About Finding Our Purpose In Life

    in Pets

    There's a reason the Tagline of Consious Horse, Conscious Rider is "Everything I know, I learned from a horse."
    What do horses know about finding your purpose in life?  What is their point of view about the meaning and significance of life on this planet?  What can they teach us about finding our path?
    We did mention this was a trick title, didn't we? 
    Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Facilitator Armina Bridgeman will be our guest on this show for this topic.
    We won't say any more just yet... Join us to find out more!

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    Vets Compare Homemade Versus Store-Bought Pet Foods

    in Pets

    Are home cooked pet food diets really better for cats and dogs? A group of vet nutritionists are looking at fresh versus store-bought pet foods in a groundbreaking new study. On this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio we'll speak with pet nutrition expert Dr. Donna Raditic, DVM, DACVN, CVA.
    Fresh Versus Store-Bought Pet Foods Study Needs Your Support
    Millions of dogs and cats are fed high heat processed, commercial foods throughout their lives. But is this really the best nutrition we can offer?
    Heat treatment of foods can cause a reaction between the proteins and sugars called "the Maillard reaction" which results in the formation of what is termed dietary Advanced Glycation End- Products or AGEs. Studies have shown that elevated levels of AGEs in tissues are associated with age-related diseases in humans, rats, and dogs including diabetes, cataracts, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, renal disease, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers. Dietary AGEs and their accumulation in the body may be one of the ways diets can impact age- related diseases in humans and our companion animals.
    Preliminary data suggests some pet foods may contain over 122 time the AGEs found in processed human foods!
    A groundbreaking independent study led by the Companion Animal Nutrition and Wellness Institute (CANWI) will compare the levels of AGEs in processed and fresh food pet diets and evaluate the influence of feeding differing intakes of dietary AGEs. The study will involve veterinary nutritionists, food scientists and one of the most prestigious veterinary colleges in the Country.
    Learn how his study can help pet parents make better food choices for our cats and dogs. Dr, Raditic will explain what CANWI does and how pet parent support is critical to the health of our pets.

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    Walk Beside Me with guest star Demerious Nelson

    in Friends

    Demerious Nelson of the Unpopular Live show talks with author Christine Handy. This episode touches on many sensitve subjects for both men anbd woman. Christianity, frienship, the boytoking blogger adds a lot of perspective on men and staying in faith.  Christine Handy and Demerious Nelson come from two diifferent backgrounds but have more in common than most. Listen to hear how they met, connected and joined forces for own mission. Puropse in Christ and purpose in pain. "Keep your head up and your eyes on the mountain tops. Don't mind the devil who temps and tries to kill us with confusion. Enjoy life to the fullest and never live in fear." Demerious Nelson.

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    Open Adoption - why we weren't scared

    in Family

    In this podcast we will hear from a mother of four as she shares the role of open adoption in her family. Are the open relationships with her childrens' birth parents what she expected them to be? What has she found to be the benefits in open adoption? Listen in to hear the details of one family's decision to embrace openness, as well as the concerns that some family members had with the parents' decision to pursue open adoption. This and much more on Adoption Focus - May 30, 2017, live at 11:00am!

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    Empire State Reptiles Live with Justin Kobylka

    in Pets

    Tonight's show is sponsored by KingDubia.com
    Like many in this business Justin  had an unexplainable attraction to cold-blooded creatures since birth. Throughout his life Justin has kept reptiles, early on it was usually anything he could find in the wild around his home. In high school Justin began keeping different types of constrictors including Ball Pythons and a Boa Constrictor, as well as a couple rattlesnakes that he found in rural Oklahoma. 
    About us:
    We are reptiles enthusiasts from Brooklyn, New York and we have always been some of the many that ask ALOT of questions about an animal before buying them. We have always had the same dilemma with nearly every breeder we encountered; communication!  We always wanted to keep breeders on the phone forever and ask them any question that came to my mind, however we knew that was not possible since they have personal lives just like we do our selves. We wanted to create a platform where breeders and their fans can connect while sharing knowledge at the same time. After 18 months of trial and error, Empire State Reptiles Live was born. We hope that you all find our show enjoyable and that you tune in for many years to come!

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