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Zen Garcia is the webmaster for the truth seeking network www.fallenangels.tv whose motto is - The seeker of lost paradise may seem a fool to those who have never sought the other worlds. A video producer, and radio show host, he also hosts a show on Revolution Radio Wednesday's 8-10 pm Eastern on studio B. He is the author of 7 books; Look Somewhere Different, When the Evening Dies, A Different Way of Being, Lucifer - Father of Cain, Awaken to the NWO, Sons of God: Who We Are Why We Are Here, and his newest Skyfalll- Angels of Destiny. You can find many of his latest books at zengarcia.com, www.lulu.com, and www.amazon.com. Some of his many videos include The Judicial Murder of Terri Schindler Schiavo, The Torture King and Loss of Habeas Corpus, When The Levees Break - Bombing of the Lower 9th Ward, Cheney - Traitorous Standdown of 9/11, which can all be found on his youtube channel under EndeavorFreedom.

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Zen Garcia will expound upon the 2nd World Age, 1st resurrection, and how it ties into this world of flesh with experience of both the knowledge of good and evil. Specific focus will be given to the gospel of Nicodemus.

Then we went up to the sixth heaven. And I saw my fellow apostles going with me, and the Holy Spirit was leading me before them. And I gazed up on high and saw a great light shining down on the sixth heaven. I spoke, saying to the... more

We will cover the little known infancy gospels of our Lord and Savior Yahushuah Messiah revealing the lost years and stories of his childhood.

We will cover current events and then move into the Vision of Paul.

Update on recent show disrupture's...

Kevin Uttenberger and I cover how the Bird flu is tied to Revelation and those things which will be soon upon us.

Journalist, lecturer, author of "Why A Bankrupt America" and "Blind Loyalty." Her work is featured many places including NewsWithViews.com. Over 2 million copies distributed.

In this show Zen will read selected poems from his first 3 books. These poems provide insight into how Zen evolved from a New Age understanding to come to know Yahweh and Yahushuah Savior Messiah.

Poem's from Zen's 2nd book where he spent four years living in a Ford Windstar van, traveling from state to state, national park to national park in search of truth and a direct revelation of the Creator.

Poems from Zen's first book based on his break away from corporate 9 to 5, and a life where he found himself always behind walls, windows, and concrete. His first book describes his desire to break away from normality and seek out the... more
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