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Zen Garcia is the webmaster for the truth seeking network www.fallenangels.tv whose motto is - The seeker of lost paradise may seem a fool to those who have never sought the other worlds. A video producer, and radio show host, he also hosts a show on Revolution Radio Wednesday's 8-10 pm Eastern on studio B. He is the author of 7 books; Look Somewhere Different, When the Evening Dies, A Different Way of Being, Lucifer - Father of Cain, Awaken to the NWO, Sons of God: Who We Are Why We Are Here, and his newest Skyfalll- Angels of Destiny. You can find many of his latest books at zengarcia.com, www.lulu.com, and www.amazon.com. Some of his many videos include The Judicial Murder of Terri Schindler Schiavo, The Torture King and Loss of Habeas Corpus, When The Levees Break - Bombing of the Lower 9th Ward, Cheney - Traitorous Standdown of 9/11, which can all be found on his youtube channel under EndeavorFreedom.

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Does the parable of the wheat and the tares deal with enmity between the bloodlines? Does Lucifer have his own children here upon this planet? If so, who are these children and what is their agenda for this world and lifetime?

Join Kevin Unterberger and Zen Garcia for further delving into The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. One of many titles given to a text purporting to describe a plan to achieve global domination by a certain sect of ruling elitist.... more

Alan, a new member of www.fallenangels.tv, will join Kevin and I for further introspection into who the Annunaki are, and how they tie in with the Locust army as cited by Old and New Testament lore. This is a follow up of the show we... more


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Zen will be interviewed tonight Thursday night 11 pm Central on www.darknessradio.com about his 4th book, Lucifer - Father of Cain.

Bob Schlenker from theopenscroll.com will join us again to discuss his research into reverse speech and discuss with us how the technique works and what kind of messages he has found relevant to our current events. Bob will... more

Luca will join us live from Northern Italy for a follow-up interview on his recently released book, Apollo 20:The Disclosure. The Apollo 20 mission for those who do not know, was suppossedly a joint soviet-american venture to the dark side... more

The editor/producer of the Kolbrin Bible will join us for an in depth conversation on another area of his research, the bible codes. There are some ominous warnings turning up for this year especially for the Los Angeles, California area and... more

Many in the world have now become aware of "ancient astronaut" presence in the world. Those that have done much research into this phenomena believe that this extra terrestrial presence are the creators of humanity as well as... more

Lura is a paranormal author which in addition to writing novels also writes for several on-line magazines such as UFO Digest, Paranormal People and Mysterious America. She will join us to discuss her research and to share insight... more

Zen Garcia will be a guest on The Edge Radio Broadcast This Saturday at 8:15 p.m.

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I'm not exactly sure if I will be on for 1 or 2 hours but will let audience members know very soon. We will be discussing my 4th book Lucifer - Father of Cain. If you have not heard me speak on this topic, this will be the perfect time to open... more
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