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Fear of the Lord - Beginning of Knowledge

  • Broadcast in Paranormal



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In this show we will discuss the laws of energy and thermodynamics to explain pre-existence and the evolution of soul.  We will also look at darwinism and it's impossible and laughable theory of humanity evolved of apes as a process of random order and sophistication.  We will also touch on the Golden Age and the root culture which existed prior to the last global deluge, dispersion and loss of knowledge, culture.  Contrary to scientific opinion we are at the lowest point of technology and social advancement in comparison to the ancients.

Thermodynamics is the branch of science dealing with the laws and theories related to energy in the universe. The are two main laws of thermodynamics, the first and second law. The First Law of Thermodynamics says that energy under normal conditions cannot be created or destroyed, simply transformed from one type of energy to another. Thus a chemical reaction such as lighting a match does not create new energy but only converts one type of energy to another.  

Implications of the second law:

The second law has major implications.

First, it means that no process is 100% efficient, so there is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine.  Secondly and most important, says that living systems will break down unless they have some input of energy. Strictly speaking the second law also says that closed systems become more disorganized over time. Often this is expressed by the saying "entropy tends to increase".