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Fall of the Watchers

  • Broadcast in Paranormal



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   And God answered the angels who reviled ADAM in this wise, and He said unto them, "Why do ye revile ADAM in this wise? For he is flesh, and blood, and p. 185 ashes and dust." And the angels answered and said unto Him, "May we declare before Thee the sin of ADAM?" And God said unto them, "Declare ye [his sin], and I will hearken unto you, and I Myself will answer you in respect of ADAM My servant." For God had worked on behalf of ADAM. And God said, "I created him out of the dust, and I will not cast away that which I have fashioned. I brought him forth out of non-existence, and I will not make My handiwork a laughingstock for his enemies." And those angels said, "Praise be unto Thee, O Lord. For Thou, the Knower of hearts, knowest that we have reviled ADAM because he hath transgressed Thy commandment that he was not to eat of one tree after Thou hadst made him lord over everything which Thou hast created, and hadst set him over every work of Thy hands. And if Thou hadst not told him, and if Thou hadst not commanded him not to eat of one tree there would have been no offence [on his part]; and if he had eaten because of a lack of food there would have been no offence [on his part]. But Thy word made him to know, and Thou didst say, 'As surely as thou eatest of this tree thou shalt die.'1 And he, after hearing this, made bold and ate. Thou didst not let him lack sweet fruits to eat from the Garden, and Thou didst not let him lack one to comfort him and a companion like unto himself. And these things we say and make known unto Thee, and we have revealed unto Thee how he hath transgressed Thy commandment."- Kebra Nagast