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I want to make this a show with a conservative political view that incorporates Christian faith and influence where possible. Think Glenn Beck lite.

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Today's show is going to be one of those shows in which I try to hit on some stories that just indicate once again how wrong headed and often times corrupt not only the Obama administration but our government as a whole is. From... more

Well, without a lot happening that jumped out to talk about, I figured I would expand upon Thursday's show. Hopefully I won't be too reptitive and I'll see what I can bring forth from this show as I'm looking at a few key areas and... more

On Tuesday night President Obama delivered his annual State of the Union address. For today's show I'm going to talk about what I believe our true state of the union to be, in a worldly political actual results sense. I also will talk about... more

So, for this San Francisco 49ers fan, last Sunday was a bit painful at the end of the game. Then, when the last play was made we were treated to Richard Sherman's talking. Or rather, Richard Sherman's screaming. Since then, we... more

Yesterday, thousands of people braved bitter cold in our nation's capital to march, to speak, and to gather for something they greatly believe in. That something is every individual's right to the most blessed, God given right that we all... more

Today I wanted to discuss this ever growing power and this ever arrogant attitude of our current president. At the same time, I would be remiss if I didn't show equal disappointment and equal indignation toward our Congress, which by and large... more

Today's show will focus again on that pesky question and that subject of how old the earth is that came up one week ago. I wanted to take the time today to address that more thoroughly as best as I can in scripture. There are certainly... more

Recently, as reported by World Net Daily, a retired U.S. Air Force General dropped a bombshell of sorts in a radio interview with WMAL, stating that yes, there are Muslim Brotherhood members in our government. Those members... more

There are as always a good many stories right now involving Christians and unfortunately at times our battles with our own government, our own legal system, and the weak willed, "go along with whatever society wants to do" crowd.... more

For today's show, I wanted to share my thoughts and the thoughts of others when it comes to what to expect in terms of our economy and our society in this still very young and relatively new year of 2014. I'd like to say we can be... more