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In God We Trust Or In Man We Trust

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Our nation was founded on some principles that I believe most of us hopefully hold dear.  Those principles are outlined in our Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights.  We all believe that all people are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  We believe man should have freedom of speech and freedom to worship as he (or she) pleases.  But through it all, or underneath it all, is a powerful motivating force and deep rooted belief.  That force and that belief is in God.  Even self proclaimed deist Ben Franklin urged his fellows at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 to pray for God's help and wisdom.  We pull our money out of our pockets, our wallets, money clips, purses, what have you, and it says "In God We Trust".


Yet at a time in which we see many people hurting financially and we have a nation deep in debt and a society that provides us with news stories that make us recoil in horror and bewilderment, in whom are we putting our trust today?  Is it God, or for many, is it a man in President Obama?  There have been many people who have put Obama at, or in some cases even above the level of Christ.  This is dangerous for many reasons-from the traditional "small government" designs of our Founding Fathers in not putting too much hope, or power in one man, to putting sinful man on a pedestal, to an almost brain dead zombie worship of Obama by some that is nothing more than a precursor to when the Antichrist shows up and charms almost the entire world.

Israel asked for a man king and got Saul.  Saul failed.  David was better but still sinned greatly at times.  So too did his son Solomon-and many kings that followed.  The general point is follow God's advice and ways, get it right, and be blessed.  Are we ready to do that as individuals and as a nation? Is it still "In God We Trust"?.