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Gay Marriage And The Conservative Christian

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Perhaps the biggest, or at least the newest kid on the social issue block is gay marriage.  Conservatives, or at least Republicans, were hit hard last Novemember with the re-election of Barack Obama.  It lead to a lot of soul searching and some hand wringing.  Along with that it lead to some even in Republican party, some conservatives, and quite a few libertarians saying the Republican party perhaps needs to change.  Some of us need to change our views and stances to be more modern, less dinosaur, and adapt to the changing world around us.  I know I heard it.  I know I was told it.  I was told that I should change.

Whether the Republican party or some conservatives change is up to them.  But I don't believe I have to change.  If you're a principled biblical Christian or social conservative, I don't believe you have to change.  I believe we stand on matters of principle, biblical truth, and traditional family.  Or, I believe we fall as we're blown about and scattered likfe chaff in the wind by the political winds of the day.


I believe we can make a stand.  I believe we can do so lovingly without resorting to attacking, name calling, or saying anyone is going to hell.  I believe we need to make a stand.  If not for our nation, then for ourselves-and even perhaps for some on the other side of the argument.  I believe also we need to know who or what we might truly be up against, so we know who we truly fight against.

Hard to cover in half an hour for sure, but I'll give it a try.  I hope you can join me-ideally live, but at leas on the archives on the next episode of American Faith Today!