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I want to make this a show with a conservative political view that incorporates Christian faith and influence where possible. Think Glenn Beck lite.

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Well, no show last Saturday unfortunately. I'll explain why that was the case and I'll also take a look at the actions which by now we probably all know about of one Annise Parker in Houston, Texas. I'll talk about one thing that we can hopefully... more

A while back before I became focused on my "get a replacement car" mission I was presenting and talking about a number of points relating to American history, the American economic system and the Federal Reserve, and the secularlist... more

No, I haven't literally counted how many "rounds" we've had. Actually, if I did literally count it might be more than that. But, for today's show, I wanted to pick up and continue a little bit on where the show cut off Thursday on this case with... more

Well, as always, it's been an eventful week. Certainly it's been more eventful than 45 minutes can cover. But today, I did want to talk a little bit about the Supreme Court's handling or almost non handling in the latest gay marriage battles. I... more

With seemingly much of the country if not much of the world going crazy and losing all common sense and intelligence based on the news stories, I had the urge to try to do a show that emphasizes how important it is for our nation or for... more

I suppose technically it was "here" a couple of months back when we brought 2 American missionaries who had it back here to treat them. And admittedly by all accounts and appearances that was not the doomsday scenario some feared.... more

Yesterday we were shocked and saddened by the report of a beheading in Moore, Oklahoma. The general media narrative, is, to no great surprise, an act, as the president might say, of workplace violence and a disgruntled ex employee.... more

Earlier this week in the Denver, Colorado area hundreds of high school students protested an attempt to implement more conservative based history curriculum in their classrooms. They literally walked out of school. Today's show talks about... more

Well, here I am back from my self imposed brief hiatus. I'll talk about that and then with this being a show in which there was very little time to research or do show prep, I'll just have commentary on a few stories of the day. There are a... more

So I have a few things on my mind today, and while I will talk about a couple of other things as time allows, I wanted to center on the idea of man molding, shaping, and probably the best word is twisting what is true in scripture to fit his... more