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A proverbial cornucopia of random content from a scatter brained blowhard. That's the downside. The upside is if you can get past that, and yes my self deprecating humor, you'll find a show that focuses on some of the issues that are most relevant and of the highest concern to Christian conservatives in the country. Whether I'm talking straight politics, social issues, bible study or bible topics, economics or anything in between, you'll get straight talk on my stances and on what I feel ails the country as well as what's good for the country.

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Well we are two days out from our presidential election and on this show and no doubt other shows you've heard arguments and stories regarding who will win, who should win, and how or why we vote the way we do. But with the election... more

This year we have heard a lot of two things, particularly lately. We've heard of a rigged election and we've heard talk of a biased press. The thing is both of these claims are by and large true, particularly the biased press claim. While I'll talk... more

Well back with another show after a bit of a tumultuous week for me. It seems last week's show opened a can of worms for some and I'll address that. But then it's back to business as I'll focus today a bit on the abortion debate within... more

So in this horrible, awful, no good, very bad election year, we are unfortunately seeing something happen that breaks my heart. We are seeing, in this individual's humble opinion, Christians betraying their principles and values to defend that... more

While I may still yet give a little political rant at the top of today's show that hopefully won't take too long but I feel still should be said, for today's show it's once again back to the bible. And it's a subject that many of us long for and it's... more

So in this abysmal 2016 election we now have made it through our first presidential debate. Both candidates showed how incredibly awful they are in their own special little ways. But while Hillary manages to have bad weeks or... more

We are in maybe a unique time and certainly in a precarious time in our country's history. It's an election year, and it's an election year in which we of course have one candidate promising to make America great again and another candidate... more

In 2006 a movie came out that has become a cult classic of sorts and has been referenced this election year. That movie is Idiocracy. While it's mostly been referenced, including admittedly by me, to find some humor in the possibility of... more

Well, on this second weekend of September, we come upon another September 11th. As we look back on that day 15 years ago and look forward to what tomorrow even may bring, Saudia Arabia is still firmly in the news. I'm sure that... more

So I wanted to do a word study on the Hebrew word for "babes" in Isaiah Chapter 3. Unfortunately that word only appears twice in the entire bible, so that would not have worked out so well. But we'll improvise and do a study on Isaiah... more