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A proverbial cornucopia of random content from a scatter brained blowhard. That's the downside. The upside is if you can get past that, and yes my self deprecating humor, you'll find a show that focuses on some of the issues that are most relevant and of the highest concern to Christian conservatives in the country. Whether I'm talking straight politics, social issues, bible study or bible topics, economics or anything in between, you'll get straight talk on my stances and on what I feel ails the country as well as what's good for the country.

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So if you're paying any attention at all you'll see the most talked about candidate and leading Republican candidate in Donald Trump talking about making America great again. It's been an interesting past few days and this show came about... more

Yes, I am continuing to talk about and hit on Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry this week. Basically there's not a lot else that stands out concerning this show to talk about. I could discuss the criminal liar who is... more

So, even though I generally try to do something a little different every week, there are two things I can't let go of because they're either still in the news so much, or occupying so much of my time and space. Those two things are Planned... more

Well, it happened again. A vomit inducing story that I read this week that sadly may almost eclipse anything Planned Parenthood is doing, and this comes from the NIH. It's disgusting, but it's nevertheless important to get out there and... more

Well the videos for the Center for Medical Progress keep coming out despite efforts to block them. They're not getting any better and to hear David Daleiden tell it, there's even worse ones perhaps still to come. This 4th video in... more

As I was reading a few news stories and headlines yesterday, it settled in my mind to do a show on how clouded and yes how even paralyzed the thinking of people has become on certain things today. Political correctness paralyzes... more

So today is going to be a news commentary show and it's been put together quickly because it's ridicuolusly hot here in Ohio today- maybe where you're at as well. I wanted to start with going over an op/ed piece in the Washington Times... more

Today I want to do a show on something I've done before, but hopefully in more detail than I did before. It never hurts to revisit things either in case someone new happens to catch this show. I want to give a little information tracking and tracing... more

Today's show on this Independence Day is almost an continuation of last week's show as I'll be talking about some of the same topics as last week. That is, today I'll have quite a bit on TPP, as well as something on how Congress... more

Well, it's been a fascinating week I think we can likely see prophetically and certainly politically. I had every intention mostly of talking about the all out cultural attack on the South on today's show, and I will of course try to take plenty of... more