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I want to make this a show with a conservative political view that incorporates Christian faith and influence where possible. Think Glenn Beck lite.

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About a year ago or so I did a show positing that the so called War on Christmas was actually a war on Jesus Christ and not on some holiday itself. While I do have a couple of "War on Christmas" stories, today's show does deal with the... more

We've got two things that the government has recently done that we might say involve selling out the people in this land. In order, and one that I probably won't spend a lot of time on, is the release of this CIA torture report. That it would... more

No, this Ohio gentleman is not talking about the South rising again. I came across several stories today that deal with financial signs and maybe even some plotting or preparing behind the scenes for something that is coming down the pike I... more

Actually, these stories are positive and inspiring hopefully for all people. I guess it's appropriate as we approach Christmas in a sense to do something that is a little more positive in scope. But this isn't really by design but rather just kind of... more

I suppose both of these ideas could be tied together into one. But on today's show I will be looking at a handful or so of stories. Some of these stories will deal with actually an update of sorts on the whole Muslims praying at the National... more

Which crowd do you follow or just as well asked perhaps which crowd are you part of. One of the things that I have tried to hit on in several shows recently is "Christians, don't be like the world." As we look around at what's going on in this... more

Okay, I'll admit it. Partially due to the lack of time between shows but partially because I felt I teased you at the end on Thursday's show with other news items, I had to make this the focus of today's show. Also, there is some good news... more

Well, the two stories or the two events that would seem to top the American news cycle as of today, November 20th, 2014 are President Obama's planned speech tonight on "Immigration Reform", better called in effect amnesty, and on the... more

Today's show focuses on 2 or 3 stories that deal with getting the churches or God's house in order and in gettting our government in order. Stories talked about today include: A church organizing several gay marriages in the "bible belt"... more

Actually, at this point I don't think any of it is "creeping". It's all coming down the pike pretty much full speed. But, since there's a website out there called "Creeping Sharia", off the top of my head, it seemed to fit. As often is the case,... more