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A proverbial cornucopia of random content from a scatter brained blowhard. That's the downside. The upside is if you can get past that, and yes my self deprecating humor, you'll find a show that focuses on some of the issues that are most relevant and of the highest concern to Christian conservatives in the country. Whether I'm talking straight politics, social issues, bible study or bible topics, economics or anything in between, you'll get straight talk on my stances and on what I feel ails the country as well as what's good for the country.

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Today I take the show back into the bible with a study on the rapture. The rapture is of course first of all something you won't find in the bible in terms of the word rapture. There are verses, primarily from 1st Thessalonians Chapter 4 in which... more

Well a busy morning of sorts for me, so this will be one of those shows in which I went back to an old reliable, Newsforchristians.com, and saw what some of their featured articles were and I'll run with, share, and comment on some of those.... more

On today's show I wanted to go back to something that I haven't dealt with in a while, and that's the economy. I of course am not an economist, but I do put my trust in what economists and economic commentators say we need to be... more

One of the great worries and one of the great questions that many who may be on the fence have when it comes to God is, "How can a loving God torture His children who simply don't believe in Him forever and ever in hell?" Well,... more

Well, as indicated, it winds up being a two part show with the second part focusing on Ezekiel Chapter 39 today. Today I'll take a look again at this battle between the Russian lead contingent against the people of the tribes of Israel... more

A busy day today for me personally and so the show starts later than usual tonight. This will likely be a two parter that probably will lead to a second show tomorrow, but we'll see how everything goes. This week as I took a look at... more

Well, I've decided overall we're going to make it a mostly positive weekend. Reading some stories today and still feeling good about yesterday's show and the topic of it, today's show is mostly going to be a positive one. I have to rant... more

Well, happy New Year to all of you. With a new year, there's not really going to so much be a new focus for the show. But today, I will make the show almost entirely about something very positive, which I rarely get to do, or rarely perhaps choose... more

Well, in the first after Christmas show, I wanted to pick up with something that I put on the Facebook page regarding an apparent house divided between the Obama administration and the Joint Chiefs when it comes to our ISIS and Syria... more

In a time in which certainly we're seeing the world and the country go crazy in more ways than one, we're seeing more and more evidence and cases of Islamic indoctrination of our kids in schools and certainly along with that a move to... more