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I want to make this a show with a conservative political view that incorporates Christian faith and influence where possible. Think Glenn Beck lite.

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Doing a little more current news/current events today and talking a lot about ISIS, the threat of radical Islam, and our complete disregard for God, for common sense, as we work and as our government works at every level in... more

Well I wanted to squeeze a show in today, and I was leaning toward just some reactions and commentary on some recent happenings and news stories, which I may still do at the top of the show. Certainly there's been a lot going on with... more

Well, a very busy week and a very busy day, so I'm continuing roughly where I left off with Saturday's show on usury and will hopefully finish up the topic today. I'll be once again making a few scripture references showing what God thinks of... more

While I will have a few additional comments on the Feguson, Missouri situation, I'm moving on to another subject with this look at history and biblical law and how it all comes together, or should come together, in America. Usury can in... more

While I hope to wrap up my points on humanism and the two humanist manifestos, I also wanted to at least touch on something that has become almost a pet peeve of mine. That is these inflamed, incited, oft times intentional... more

On today's perhaps abbreviated show I'll finish up this outline of the humanist agenda based upon their own printed and published manifestos. This is a war of a spiritual nature for this country, its future, and most importantly the people in it.... more

Well, back on schedule for today anyway with one of the normal days and the normal time. Today I wanted to hopefully very quickly wrap up what has been delayed in a sense twice now on the Federal Reserve and Constitutional powers... more

Well, with a long a chaotic week and a long a chaotic no show Thursday behind me, I trudge forward with a continued look back at our nation's history today and how it relates biblically and how our earliest founders and polticial leaders were... more

Well, quite a day so I'm not doing the show at the normal time. But I am continuing on with the theme of our nation's history. Today I'll again touch on some state constitutional issues and points, as well as some info about our first... more

Continuing on in the study of some of the history of our country when it comes to the spiritual aspect, today's show picks up where Thursday's left off. I'll be taking a look at a couple more colonial charters and as well as some... more