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A proverbial cornucopia of random content from a scatter brained blowhard. That's the downside. The upside is if you can get past that, and yes my self deprecating humor, you'll find a show that focuses on some of the issues that are most relevant and of the highest concern to Christian conservatives in the country. Whether I'm talking straight politics, social issues, bible study or bible topics, economics or anything in between, you'll get straight talk on my stances and on what I feel ails the country as well as what's good for the country.

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Well with another week off for personal reasons I'm back again today with a show focusing on the struggles, dangers, and challenges that our Christian brothers and sisters face mainly overseas in other countries but here in the United States as... more

Well, due to a couple of interruptions yesterday and as something that may have happened regardless, I'll pick up on yesterday's cultural marxism topic with stories involving cultural marxists at work today. I want to revisit Hillary Clinton and... more

Well after taking a week off for personal reasons, I'm back today hopefully ready to go with a show for you. I went to one of my favorite aggregating sites and right there smack dab in the middle of the page was a link to Zero Hedge and a... more

Well, we are through the conventions of both major parties, and as expected and as feared we have two of the worst candidates the country has perhaps ever seen to choose from. But with all the media surrounding the DNC,... more

So what could have been a fairly mundane or routine National Convention, though then again probably not with Trump, did indeed give us two very provactive stories that I want to build today's show off of. The first story is Ted Cruz's speech and... more

Well hopefully today's show will be the conclusion of yesterday's intro on whether or not people are born homosexual from a biblical perspective. I didn't get too far yesterday so I'll try to pick up the pace a bit today while hopefully not losing or... more

So this is a show topic that has been rattling around in my head for a week or better now. I addressed this a little bit elsewhere, but today, and probably tomorrow, I wanted to spend a fair amount of time in scripture. I want to set the... more

It's back with a biblical topic today and it springs off some of what I've been reading in some of more more recent studies in part. Today I'll be taking a look at 3 "types" of Antichrists in the Old Testament. There are certainly more than... more

So it is a jump off or pick up show and a continuation from yesterday. I want to share a couple of more stories regarding the abortion issue, one actually positive and then we'll wrap that up. I do want to share the case from Washington state... more

Well a busy day yesterday for me and a busy show today. As always I've crammed more in preparation wise and story wise than I'll probably be able to get to. But that's okay, because all non discussed stories will still be linked at the... more