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I want to make this a show with a conservative political view that incorporates Christian faith and influence where possible. Think Glenn Beck lite.

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I wanted to get back a little bit today if I could with a bit of bible study or commentary. Today's show won't necessarily deal with the old Babylonian empire or nation in every instance. But it will deal with some of the strongest... more

Sung to the theme of the tv show Cops of course. On today's show as I looked at some news stories and commentary the one thing that again jumped out was the desire and the intention of many enlightened elitists from the left to continue to... more

So many times both on this show and in this world today the news stories we read, review, or hear about are very negative. Today, I wanted to do something that I do on occasion and share several stories that are very positive in one... more

With all the talk this week and even to an extent with my last show on some of our rights, whether as Americans or as any free people, be it in France or wherever, I wanted to take today's show back there in a sense as again I look at... more

For today's show I wanted to take the time to talk about yesterday's horrible act of terror in Paris. I want to talk a little bit about France and what has played a part in leading up to all of this. I wanted to hit on one thing that stood out greatly to me... more

Back into some commentary on recent news stories for today's show. We know in the "hashtag universe" we now apparently reside in that we get things like #blacklives matter or, after that perhaps was deemed to racist or exclusive, the... more

It's another bible based show today as we start the New Year. Today I want to go back into the bible, into Genesis, and into the Garden of Eden. What occurred there? What was Eve and Adam's sin? Was there an apple tree and a talking... more

Today's show goes back into the bible as I'll take a look at a few chapters and passages that show God's love for His children, His plan, and his forgiveness and mercy for all of us that just don't seem to get it right in these flesh bodies. It... more

Call today's show a remade or a newly wrapped up and presented version of what Saturday's show was intended to be, with maybe a couple of side stories or side items from news found yesterday and today. Saturday's show was going to... more

About a year ago or so I did a show positing that the so called War on Christmas was actually a war on Jesus Christ and not on some holiday itself. While I do have a couple of "War on Christmas" stories, today's show does deal with the... more