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Faith Talk hosted by Peter Jannetti covers topics pertaining to the Christian faith. Our topics include: Current events, Bible messages and a host of various topics that impact our world and you.The show airs every Thursday evening from 8:00 to 9:00 PM EST.

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In this segment I will be talking about the cross of Christ. Why is it that we hear so little about it today? The pulpits are riddled with positive messages about God, but very little is ever said about repentance and sin and how the cross affects it all.... more

In this segment I will be talking about Biblical faith. What is it really? I will also be talking about and exploring an aberrant teaching about something called the "force of faith" and why it is dangerous and considered a... more

In this segment I will be talking about trusting God. Do you have a problem trusting God? When things don't work out the way you wanted them to, do you still believe God is good and His character is not tainted? In this segment I... more

Do you think God giving you stuff is important? Have we the church forgotten our priorities or are we doing just fine? Why is there so much emphasis on money and things, rather than the spiritual life of conformity into Christlikeness?... more

In this segment I will be talking about God's character. What does it mean to be holy? What exactly is holiness all about? Are we called to be holy as believers? Should we perceive God as holy? If you don't know God or His character tune in... more

In this segment I want to talk about Satan's strategies. Why are most people including Christians believing his lies? I am going to cover some of the ways he battles us and how you can have the victory everytime. Don't forget to tune in to... more

Do we really understand what the gospel is? Does the prosperity gospel equate to truth? In this segment I hope to give you a few things to look at about the gospel of prosperity. How can we approach the prosperity gospel and find out... more

In this segment I will be talking about your decision to follow or not follow Christ. What is life all about anyway? Are you happy with your life and what do you expect to happen once you die? Is eternal life obtainable or not? I will show you... more
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