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Faith Talk hosted by Peter Jannetti covers topics pertaining to the Christian faith. The topics include: Current events, Bible messages and a host of various topics that impact our world and you.The show airs every Monday-Friday at 1 PM EST. If you miss the show you can listen to the podcast, Follow the show on Facebook, Twitter and Blogtalkradio.

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In this segment I want to clear up some of the complexities you face as a believer in understanding the Word. Many non-believers and some believers struggle with the paradoxes in Scripture. Non-believers call them contradictions, but true believers should strive to understand the depth of the Word of God and it's meaning. I hope this segment will help bring you some peace, joy and confidence in knowing that God's Word is true. I will give you a few points and insights that I have learned that can help you understand Scripture and it's intended meaning. I will give you examples of how to rightly divide the Word of God and make it more meaningful as you get greater understanding of it overall. Tune In! Follow the show on Facebook, Twitter and Blogtalk Radio. Like Us!
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In this segment I will be talking about forgiveness. Most of us have a problem one time or another with forgiveness. It can be a consistent sin or a once in a while sin we commit. However, it can destroy your relationship with the Lord. It can... more

In this segment I will be talking about why we should stand with Israel. There are a segment of Christians who don't believe there is a distiction between Israel and the Church. Although the gospel is for all, there is a distiction between... more

During today's meditation I will giving you a prescription for destroying the yokes of despair, defeat, depression and disgust. I will show you how when we direct our praise towards God the enemy can be defeated. We all face trials... more

As a Christian we sometimes forget who we belong to. But, 2 Corinthians 5:21 says, "that we are ambassadors for Christ." God uses His children to proclaim His saving hope and to declare reconciliation to the world. Tune in for this brief, but... more

One of the greatest dangers to the Christian church is a teaching and a movement towards collective salvation. It comes in the name of love and a blended gospel. It has creeped in and is now spreading like wildfire. It is attacking the heart of... more

In this segment I will be talking about the Word of God. Is the Word of God (the Bible), true? Can the Bible be trusted and does it contain absolute truth? Is the church of Jesus Christ all who call themselves Christian rightly dividing it? Then... more

In this segment I will be talking about the "Blood of Jesus." You rarely hear a sermon about the "Blood." Except for some ministers the "blood of Jesus" is hardly ever preached or taught anymore. Most who preach on it are just... more

In this segment I will be talking about the cross of Christ. Why is it that we hear so little about it today? The pulpits are riddled with positive messages about God, but very little is ever said about repentance and sin and how the cross affects it all.... more

In this segment I will be talking about Biblical faith. What is it really? I will also be talking about and exploring an aberrant teaching about something called the "force of faith" and why it is dangerous and considered a... more

In this segment I will be talking about trusting God. Do you have a problem trusting God? When things don't work out the way you wanted them to, do you still believe God is good and His character is not tainted? In this segment I... more
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