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Faith Talk hosted by Peter Jannetti covers topics pertaining to the Christian faith and world events. The topics include: World events, Bible messages and a host of various topics that impact us today. The show airs every Friday at 6 PM EST. If you miss the show you can listen to the podcast, Follow the show on Facebook, Twitter and Blogtalkradio.

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In this segment I will be talking about today's church. The church of Laodecia in the book of Revelation looks good, healthy, wealthy and in need of nothing. Sound familiar? We have created a church that does what ever it wants and then... more

In this segment I will be talking about ministers of exploitation. In 2 Peter 2:1-3, we see a clear picture of what a false teacher looks like: One who introduces destructive heresies, denies the Lord who brought them, they have depraved... more

In this segment I want to talk about St. Patrick. Who was he? What was his cause? On this day we celebrate many things such as:food,drink and parades, but are we doing justice to St. Patrick's Day. Is our culture influenced by... more

In this segment I will be talking about Jesus's words, "Come to Me." Do you need rest for your soul? Have you tried finding peace in life and havent been able to achieve it. Well today I want to talk about what Jesus meant and why it is... more

In this segment I will be talking about forgiveness. Most of us have a problem one time or another with forgiveness. It can be a consistent sin or a once in a while sin we commit. However, it can destroy your relationship with the Lord. It can... more

During today's meditation I will giving you a prescription for destroying the yokes of despair, defeat, depression and disgust. I will show you how when we direct our praise towards God the enemy can be defeated. We all face trials... more

As a Christian we sometimes forget who we belong to. But, 2 Corinthians 5:21 says, "that we are ambassadors for Christ." God uses His children to proclaim His saving hope and to declare reconciliation to the world. Tune in for this brief, but... more

In this segment I will be talking about God's character. What does it mean to be holy? What exactly is holiness all about? Are we called to be holy as believers? Should we perceive God as holy? If you don't know God or His character tune in... more

In this segment I want to talk about Satan's strategies. Why are most people including Christians believing his lies? I am going to cover some of the ways he battles us and how you can have the victory everytime. Don't forget to tune in to... more

Do we really understand what the gospel is? Does the prosperity gospel equate to truth? In this segment I hope to give you a few things to look at about the gospel of prosperity. How can we approach the prosperity gospel and find out... more
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