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Faith Based Purpose


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Listener & Guest dial-in number: (718) 305-6798 Mondays @ 6:30 pm CDT We understand you might or might not believe that God is Lord.We are NOT asking you too change your beliefs. We believe that God's radical, unconditional, never changing love for us.We do NOT try to make anyone feel that we are holier than thou. We are all God's children; some have been broken and HE is putting us back together. ALL we ask of you is that you keep an open mind, HEAR the word of God and let it speak to YOUR heart. If anything is said here which leaves you uncertain, or confused, Call in immediately or MAKE A NOTE of the scriptures provided and follow God's words which tells us to, "study to show yourself approved.' Our goal is for you to have & know the 'POWER of God' and you cannot get power until you learn how to confront the enemy. Hebrews 11-13:25 (NIV) 11(1) Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. [ On F.B.P., we discuss according to 'scripture.' We are NOT here to debate & we invite you to call or join us in the chat-room]

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May 27 @ 6:30pm CDT Bring your bible & a friend as Evangelist P. Williams of Dallas & Rev Williams of Houston discuss the following scriptures: John 13:3 and 35 I John 4:10-12 , verse 16 and 18 I John 4:7-13 and verse 19

What does it mean to be a Christian What are some sacrifices one must make as a Christian? If God accepts & loves all according to his grace, how far should we go for each other? Is it the word of God, that once you receive Christ; the... more

Call 718/305-6798 Monday May 20 - Main topic: Who should the church help? should the money be repaid to the church? What' the difference between Heaven and the New Jerusalem What is meant by' it is easier for a camel to go trhough... more

Music with a message. Let it speak to your soul

Monday May 13, @ 6:30pm CDT call (718)305-6798 or join the our chat-room. The main topic is: 'Restoring order to the Church' Were churches of old out of order or is it the church of today? Does the new church order make it easy to... more

Call (718)305-7698 Monday May 6, @ 6:30 pm CDT or join our chat-room. The main topic will be: 'God's time is NOt your time, or is it...' Sub-topics will include: How does one know when your faith is unshakable & how does one strengthen... more

Thursday May 2 @ 6:30pm CDT' 718/305-6798 Bring your Scripture and a friend and join the study on: Understanding the, 'Perfect Will of God.' [ ALL answers will be according to 'scripture & remember, we discuss 'not' debate.] Who is... more

Monday April 27 @ 6:30pm CDT call 718/305-6798 Bring your Scripture and a friend and join the study on: Has God place a limit on his grace, mercy or forgiveness? If one falls in his/her spiritual walk, will they be cast out & if not;... more

Thursday 6:30pm CDT - Dial: 718/305-6798 How does one know when he/she is saved? Is there a such place as Purgatory? Is everyone whom is saved also annointed? Is there a proper dress attire for 'women in ministry' or 'entering the... more

Join the discussion by call in 718/305-6798 @ 6:30pm Monday April 22, 2013 What does the scripture say concerning, 'the Importance Of Being Baptised,' Does salvation require water baptism? If so, how should it be done? Sprinkling?... more
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