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2013 is the the 100th Anniversary of Income Tax!



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Very soon we will celebrate our 100th Anniversary of Income Tax.  Will we be celebrating a 200th anniversary?  Are we fed up enough with our current dysfunctional income  tax system to do something about it? Will we let Congress make the choice for us, or will we make the choice?

Taxing Income doesn't make anymore sense now than it did a l00 years ago.  The big question is how do we change it? Answering that question this week will be an army of highly motivated grassroots  citizen activists that have some very good ideas.   Join us on Fair Tax Time Radio every Wednesday evening 9 pm ET, 6 pm PT.  Call in numbers; (619) 393-6478 or toll free (888) 436-1206. We welcome your questions, comments and opposing points of view.  All episodes are recorded and permission to copy is given.


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