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It's Your Money! The current tax structure is backward policy; bankrupting the U.S. ~ taxing productivity and not consumption..it's time to turn it around!

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On Wednesday, August 20, we are pleased to bring back to Fair Tax Time Radio America's top tax expert, Daniel J. Pilla. Dan is a Fair Tax spokesperson whose web site Tax Help Online guides many people through tax difficulties. He is also the award-winning author of 11 other tax books and hundreds of papers on specific subjects regarding the IRS. The Associated Press once commented that "Dan Pilla probably knows more about the IRS than the commissioner." The Wall Street Journal ranked Dan's book, ?The IRS Problem Solver?, as the number one tax book in America. Mr. Pilla will discuss current events as they relate to taxation and will answer questions from callers. Fair Tax Time is brought to you commercial free each Wednesday evening, 6PM Pacific time, 9PM Eastern, by the host John Wesley Nobles. You may listen on your computer or on your phone. Dial (619) 393-6478 or, if you're charged for long disance, use our toll-free line: (888) 436-1206. Just follow instructions when the nice British lady answers. Show info: Fair Tax Time Radio, Fair Tax Nation, HR25 Fair Tax Review Please share this show with your friends!
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Wednesday, August 13 takes us to Washington State as we welcome Jamie Wheeler to Fair Tax Time Radio. The venerable, intrepid Jamie has been with us before, as a candidate for US House of Representatives in 2012 from... more

On 8/6, the eve before the TN Primary, we are privileged to have Mr Jerry Lowery as our guest on Fair Tax Time Radio. A candidate for US House in Tennessee's 6th District, Jerry hopes to unseat the incumbent, Diane Black. He is right out... more

Our state of the week for July 30 is Ohio. Steve Curtis is the State Director for the Americans for Fair Taxation for the State of Ohio, and a strong advocate of tax reform on both the State and Federal level. As such, he is involved in organizing... more

In a special edition of Fair Tax Time Radio, we are honored to have Jeffrey Locke as our special guest on a return visit Wednesday, July 23 at 9PM Eastern, 8 Central, 7 Mountain and 6 Pacific time. Jeff Locke is, by profession, a visual arts... more

Last week's Fair Tax Time Radio show was plagued by technical problems and, although some of those problems still exist, our crack team has found ways around them. So, once again we will feature the Great State of Texas and our... more

Dan Borowiwicz is an instructor, 2nd Congressional District Director, Minnesota Fairtax. Dan knows HR25 and matters about taxation like few do and believes that HR 25, THE Fair Tax is a non partisan bill that really has everything in it that... more

After trying for nearly 2 years, we have finally landed the big fish for a guest on Fair Tax Time Radio. No, it's not President Obama, but it IS former 9-term Democrat Congressman from Ohio, Jim Traficant. Traicant made big news while... more

This week we will hear from our California Fair Tax Volunteers at Carmel by the Sea where they are actually signing people up on Pop Vox to vote for HR 25/S122. The volunteers have set up a tent on the beach and are signing... more

Our very special guest on Wednesday, June 11 will be John Steinberger, former candidate for State Representative in SC, the chairman of the Charleston County Republican Party, and a leader for the grassroots Fair Tax movement in South... more

This Wednesday is Grassroots Night on Fair Tax Time Radio, with our special guest: YOU ! If you will be attending a Fair Tax event soon or would like to plan one, we'd like to hear about it. The idea is to help others get involved in the Fair... more
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