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FTWT: Introduction: The Women Who Call To The Issue (IWDM Book Review)

  • Broadcast in Education
Faheem Shuaibe

Faheem Shuaibe


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The Qur’an says that the devil deceived (1) Adam and his wife, which means the original forms and dispositions in the intellect.(2) The intelligent nature, that is Adam, and (3) the perception of the environment that must feed that intelligent nature so that it grows and becomes more and more efficient in a real environment, in a real natural world, that is Eve. (4) What you feed is Eve. You have to feed it, that which you have from the outer, external world. The Satan caught onto that and he deceived Adam out of his nature. The Bible gives the picture that Satan gave it to the woman and she fed it to the man. But the Qur’an corrects that and says, no, he gave it to both of them. It did not reach the man from the woman. Satan reached both the man and the woman. He deceived both the intelligent nature and the perception. The ability to perceive the world and reality, that is the woman. She is the concept and in her we are formed. So really, the mother, our physical or biological mother, in Scripture, is first, (the) environment and it is to point us to another birth in the external environment just like we are put into our mother as a germ to develop and mature into a complete physical form of a human being and then she delivers us. We are delivered from her body, which means from that world." Imam W. D. Mohammed(ra) "The Women Who Call To The Issue" P.6