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Facts Man

Facts Man


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A show that tell you facts and the true about monsters you like or hate.

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The Soul: Where does it go? Do it live on after life? We will talk about it and more on this show at 11:00pm

The come back of LeCicro. The new and the old things Cicro have lean from monsters, magic and the paranormal. I'M BACK SO COME AND HAVE FUN :)

This show is a very powering show alot of things will be said to help people in an good way. :) If anyone have a porblem or what to know anything call in. Because days are long and tomorrow is not a place to be.

This show will be about whats on my mind that i have to let go.

This show we will be talking about the energy sucking Vampires thats we walking around every day and don't know they are there in front of us. Me Lecicro your Evil Jester and my good friend will be talking this saturday on 9th at 6:30pm

In European folklore, a dead person believed to rise each night from the grave and suck blood from the living for sustenance. I Lécicro your evil jester will be doing a 4 part radio show about VAMPIRE from the real life one to how... more

People are so much in fear of the lacks engergy, enthusiasm, or the ability to think independently ZOMBIES. All over the U.S wave of people getting togetter or banding by them self in waitting for the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. But there two... more

This show will tell the truth and dispell lies about witches. And I will have REAL WITCHES on the show to talk, you to and get the truth. So come and ask question like, are they real green? Do they really ride brooms? And more.... more

Modern mythology is riddledModern mythology is riddled with unexplained phenomenon, but to this day I haven't run into anything quite as unexplainable as the Black Eyed People. They're often called Black Eyed Kids or Black Eyed... more

. Becoming a werewolf, though, is a decision that must be thought out well ahead of time, if at all possible. Some methods of becoming a werewolf are more dangerous than others, and life after transformation may not be what you expect.