Meet Inspirational Speaker - Dr. Deirdre Clark

The Fabulous Life Club

The Fabulous Life Club

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Meet Dr. Clark, Founder of the Fabulous Life Club, published author of 10 Easy Steps To A Fabulous Life and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Tap into over 20 years of health and human service experience to educate and entertain your team, leaders or audience on topics such as:

  • Health Education and Workshops
  • Hypno-Life Coaching
  • Hypno-birthing (pregnancy)
  • Sexuality/Self Esteem workshops-Have the best sex ever!
  • Brainwash your kids for happiness and success
  • Overcome ADD & ADHD (kids/adults)
  • Cultural & Ethnic Diversity Issues
  • Interracial Dating/Marriage
  • Freedom from Prison (mentally and/or physically)
  • Mediation Services
  • Death preparation (working with clients and families of the terminally ill)

Call Dr. Clark, toll-free at 888-682-5011 to talk about your needs for your next event.

Deirdre Clark
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Athletic Performance Enhancement
Crisis Management
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