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The E.Y.I.C. Radio Network serves as an evangelical tool for witnessing and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and biblical education for purposes of being "Equally Yoked" in relationships - spirit, body, soul, speech, mind, and actions. http://www.eyokedinchrist.com

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Equally Yoked relationships support clear conscience living, yet living in the stress of society often influences poor decisions that lead to sin. Sin brings about uneasy emotions and a guilty conscience. So how do we keep clean and clear... more

Why is Jesus called "The Lamb of God"? Why was the shedding blood of Jesus necessary for forgiveness of your sins? Does God acknowledge any other sacrifices for the forgiveness of your sins? Tune in to the Born Twice Radio... more

Next on "The EYIC Radio Network" with Darrin Chapman: God is still in the marriage business, Mark 10:9. Yet, are you trusting your computer or computer lover to pick your mate for you instead? Join me on Sunday, 9/2/12 @... more

Is trusting to quickly considered being a fool? How many times should we forgive broken-trust? When should trust allow you to be yourself with your mate? What happens when we confuse trust with love? What are some dangerous... more

There is only one person who ever lived that is not only man, but GOD as well. Who is this person, the only one true GOD? Tune in, and you will know on the Born Twice Radio Network. 8/6/12 from 8pm to 10pm EST. FREE BOOK... more

What is Biblical Child Support? What are "righteous" motives in asking for child support? What are some sinful motives of child support? Is it Christ-like to forgive debt of child support? FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY! Join us from 8pm to... more

Many terrible problems manifest in our lives due to rebellion and disobedience to God's Word. We will discuss some of them and the answer on the Born Twice Radio Network from 8pm to 10pm EST, 7/30/12. To listen from your computer,... more

Is sex addiction a medical issue or excuse for immorality? What is the cure? Can a true Christian become an addict of it? What is the answer for Christians who were sex addicts before being saved, but now saved they still struggle with... more

How did sin enter into the hearts of human beings, and where did it start from? Join us tonight on the Born Twice Radio Network, 7/23/12, from 8pm to 10pm EST. To listen from your computer, please click link... more

Why is masturbation a sin? Why is it one of the least talked about sexual sins? How does it affect you medical and spiritual health? Why do people do it to relieve stress? Tune in on 7/22/12 from 8pm to 10pm EST live on the EYIC Radio... more