Equally Yoked In Christ Relationships

Equally Yoked In Christ Relationships


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The E.Y.I.C. Radio Network serves as an evangelical tool for witnessing and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and biblical education for purposes of being "Equally Yoked" in relationships - spirit, body, soul, speech, mind, and actions. http://www.eyokedinchrist.com

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Can Jesus save you right after the jump? Can Jesus save you right before the head-on? Can Jesus save you after pulling the trigger? Can Jesus save you before 911 arrives? Can Jesus save you right after the last swallow, that last... more

WHIM-Women's Ministry is happy to present: We Are What We Eat-Christians on a Worldly Diet. Another word for eat is to consume or ingest. Did you that we also consume or ingest certain things by what we see or watch on TV, what we listen... more

Inexpedient Men to Marry: 3 Types Ladies, do you know the 3 types of men who will never say yes, regardless of what you do or say, or don't do or say? Taken from the Book of Matthew, we will learn who ?these? men are. Join us, via the... more

WHIM Women's Ministry is excited to Present ?Is Jesus Your Part Time lover, Loving a Full Time God on a Part Time Basis? I am quite sure we are all familiar with the term ?God is Love? but do we earnestly & sincerely comprehend the... more

BLACK YOUTH: MONEY, MENTOR, & MIRACLES Are black youth to be blamed for their lack of education, or faith, regarding their individual and cultural inadequacies and failures in life and society? Are black adult mentors afraid to... more

"Love At The Root" WHIM Women's Ministry is Excited to Present: FINANCIAL BLESSINGS…?Banking on God!? There is no magical wand to wave over our finances and anything else that has caused destitution in our lives,... more

What does ?prayer without ceasing? really mean? And how does it benefit our relationships directly when trust issues are involved? Join us, via the EYIC RADIO NETWORK. The call-in number for this broadcast on Sunday, 3/30/14 from 8pm... more

How to keep your sanity in an every growing insane world. Join us, via the EYIC RADIO NETWORK. The call-in number for this broadcast on Friday, 3/28/14 from 8pm to 10:00pm EST is (949) 272-9514.. Listen from your cell/computer by... more

Is there a love that exists that is impossible to be separated from? If there is who gives it, and how do I get it, and keep it? Versus from the Book of Romans will be taught in answer of these questions. Join us, on the EYIC RADIO NETWORK.... more

RIGHTeousness is an important theological concept in Christianity; it is an attribute that implies that a person's actions are justified. Our Program will ponder the question of RIGHT? Living Right? Giving Right? Serving Right? Forgiving... more