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Now that the "Extraordinary Year" of 2012 has come and gone, the show has moved on to a new name and format. Fans of this show will enjoy Tim's new podcast Bravo New World! Find it at BravoNewWorld.blogspot.com

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Dr. Joseph Marra was a general family practitioner in Pennsylvania who one day decided to close his practice and move to America's southwest. Now he offers energy work and holistic healing modalities, and spends much of his free time... more

May Day marked the resurgence of the Occupy Movement. We'll take a real-time look at an awakening world and show you why there's plenty of news to give us hope. News from Wilcock. Evidence a group really is trying to take down the... more

The Extraordinary Year gang returns after a two week hiatus to take a look at the big picture on this planet and examine where things stand in relation to UFO disclosure, new energy disclosure, and ascension.

Imagine a war in space - between extraterrestrial civilizations - for our future. This is no sci-fi thriller plot, but reality. Or at least it was, according to our guest Tolec - a person from our world who says he's also a contactee and representative... more

What if we didn't need to use any form of fossil fuel for energy? What if oil, natural gas and coal were completely obsolete? Well, that is the actual reality right now on Planet Earth! The problem is, the most powerful industry on the planet... more

Author, blogger, and literal genius Steve Beckow has a vision for 2012 that's a far cry from the typical Hollywood apocalypse. He joins us to explain "the 2012 scenario" as only he can, and tells listeners the great things he believes are in... more

James Gilliland with ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) will join us for our Spring Equinox 2012 Special! The work he's doing that everyday earthlings should know about! Plus, your questions and comments... more

Due to audio issues on this episode, please listen to the edited version at the following... more

This week on Extraordinary Year, we'll take your calls as listeners relate their craziest recent dreams. Will we find a common thread pointing to coming changes? News surfaces of a free energy device from a South African company... more

On this episode: Wilileaks Stratfor Emails and secret US plans to charge Assange. Massive global resignations of top bankers The alleged arrest of Tim Geithner. What the changes mean for you and how you can even help. The... more
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