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Host Nadia Giordana interviews extraordinary women who are dusting of their sidelined dreams and doing the things they always said they were going to do, (www.WhereWomenTalk.com). Among them: authors, entrepreneurs, survivors, artists, writers and more. Women who dare to embody their vision, have changed their lives, or are making a difference in the world, are all potential candidates. Notable guests include the latest in the lineup, Susan Powter, who needs no introduction, and Ali Vincent (first female Biggest Loser). If you have a suggestion or question for Nadia, send an inquiry to iinadia@msn.com. Catch our broadcast live or check out the archives. We broadcast on an irregular schedule,so the best way to keep up with us is to "follow" us (see button at the top of this page). We are a sister program to WomanVision TV (www.nadiagiordana.com).

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Nadia Giordana


  • by Nadia Giordana
The opinions expressed by the individual guests in the programs at Interviews with Extraordinary Women, are those of the participants and are not intended to and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BlogTalkRadio Network, its... more

For those of you who don't know the particulars, Ali Vincent weighed 234 pounds when she started as a contestant on the Biggest Loser reality show. At the spectacular finale, she had lost 112 pounds and weighed in at a petite, 122... more

Her parents were WWII spies. She was raised in a refugee camp. She was abused as a teenager. She broke through the glass ceiling in the British Business world. She went to America and made a fortune. She was shot at and... more

Mary Deal is the award-winning author of four published novels, The Tropics, The Ka, River Bones, and her newest, Down to the Needle. All are available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com. She has written numerous stories and... more

Episode run time 35 minutes. Among other things, Wendy Brown-Báez has facilitated writing groups, managed shelters for the homeless, visited penitentiaries and half-way homes, and worked as a hospice volunteer. She... more

Episode run time 17 minutes. As host of Interviews with Extraordinary Women, I'm usually the one conducting the interview, but when someone recently asked me to be on the other side of the microphone, I happily agreed.

Live from Ireland with Martine Brennan, author of "Happiness, it's just a habit". Martine Brennan is a life and business coach in County Kerry, Ireland. She is also a qualified counselor and psychotherapist who has worked with people... more

Multi-talented writer and artist from Joliet, Illinois, Sue Midlock has always had a natural gift for drawing. From an early age, she would draw at recess in school rather than go outside and play. She also drew pictures for gifts for family and... more
Nadia Giordana

Also upcoming, date TBD:

  • by Nadia Giordana
We have some very exciting guests in the show lineup. Among them, Mary Treacy O'Keefe and several other exceptional and talented women. We'll have more information about these guests very soon.

Nadia Giordana talks with Gabriele Kushi, director of Kushi’s Kitchen and author of Embracing Menopause Naturally. Gabriele is an internationally known lecturer on healing with natural foods and macrobiotics. She is often featured as... more