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Exploding Dice

Exploding Dice (formerly The Mana Pool)


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Stepping away from the others, Calabrass and Velfreyja have a heart-to-heart about his decision. Favors are exchanged and promises are made as the two prepare for the difficult tasks ahead. We hope you enjoy the show, if you do,... more

Exploding Dice Episode 92: Not To Be Darude.. After taking a moment to adjust to their new surroundings, our heroes double down on their efforts to make headway in their quest. An arranged meeting leads to promising information, but... more

Their long journey finally concluded after what felt like months at sea, the party finds themselves in a strange, wonderful new world. Exotic colors, exotic people, exotic flavors..just what will happen in the heat of the moment? Remember, even... more

With the crew nearing the end of the voyage. Gears gets check polised and upgraded! Remember, even though Extra Life itself has passed, you can still donate here! Raising money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals... more

With an explosion of temperaments and innately oppositional forces, the ExD crew turns their focus to one of the most noble causes: Saving sick children. Join us for the first of several special Extra Life Exploding Dice, raising money for the... more

Trick or Treat! It's a pumpkin spice flavored episode of Exploding Dice! GM's Note: Pumpkin spice sucks, apple cider is the finest fall flavor. We hope you enjoy the show, if you do, you can support this show and everything we do on... more

We now return you to your regularly scheduled adventures at sea. Pay no attention to the monstrocity from the deep. All is well. Smoothing sailing ahead on Exploding Dice. We hope you enjoy the show, if you do, you can support this... more

With little time to see to the man they've rescued, a new threat makes itself known from amongst the waters, dredged up from the depths. Battle stations, brave heroes, for the final episode of Dragoncon for Exploding Dice! We... more

As the journey stretches on across the waves, the high seas shed some light upon questions lurking in the shadows. An affirmation of intent gives way to trouble on the horizon, as rough waters darken our heroes odds for survival on... more

With Tolvera behind them and Masrah yet ahead on the horizon, the party has little to do but be left to their own devices for most of the voyage, spending their precious downtime honing skills and bonds alike. Though some things are better... more