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Explain This Bible Prophecy

Explain This! Bible Prophecy


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This show will be for the purpose of relating current events to Bible prophecy, and to explain the Book of Revelation so that it allows for common sense.

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This trumpet introduces also the first woe. What is different from the first four trumpets, which are troublesome enough, than these next three? Revelation also calls them the Three Woes.

Two events in ONE day! Let's look at the characteristics coming out more and more and why I think this slowly unfolding to revealing the Antichrist.

This trumpet seem to give a clue what the aftermath of a super volcano erupting will be like.

What could be the 'star' that falls to the earth? How is Wormwood linked to this - what is Wormwood?

The next disaster to come upon the earth is another effect from the first trumpet. This one directly involves a body of water - the ocean. How can a third of the sea turn to blood when blood dissolves into the water. Listen to this show and... more

Where is the United States in Bible prophecy? I think you will find the answer in the sounding of the this trumpet!

Why would an ancient Jewish custom be relevant for the believer today? Why is it important for the End Times?

If you do a little research on the tribes listed. There is one of the original tribes missing. Why is the tribe of Dan omitted from the list in Revelation?

The final seal is opened. Why silence?

See how this relates to the seventh bowl.