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Explain This Bible Prophecy

Explain This! Bible Prophecy


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This show will be for the purpose of relating current events to Bible prophecy, and to explain the Book of Revelation so that it allows for common sense.

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This three digit number, since it was written in Revelation, has had more interest connected to it than any other number. From those who worship the Devil to those saints who warn others of its doom, the number has come up time and... more

Todays show will focus on the traits of the False Prophet. Or, as I see it - the one second in command during the worst time upon the world. What could be that "Mark of the Beast"?

Who is the Antichrist? This is one of the most difficult questions to answer. Not only because of the riddle in this chapter - but also because nobody wants to point a finger! I will deal with both in explaining who this could be.

Satan in Heaven? How absurd does that sound? In this chapter we catch a glimpse of what happens when a person dies and stands before the throne of God. Here again, a reflection back to the O.T. gives us more clues to... more

This 'woman' in Revelation has had many interpretations as to her identity. The Catholic Church refers to her as their Divine Mary. What can we learn from using the Old Testament to accurately decide who she is? And what will she... more

Who are these two witnesses? Will we recognize them when they appear? This will be a study in the Old Testament to understand who these men will be. Elijah, Moses, Enoch, John the Baptist... who? When you add up the clues, it becomes... more

The Pope says he won't judge gay priests. I have been waiting for the Vatican to step out and make some of statement embracing homosexuality. The winds are blowing now and the gay community is starting to feel this wind blow their way.... more

Why is the little scroll placed between the sixth and seventh trumpet? It splits the last trumpets apart. Is this a clue to when the Rapture takes place, and does this scroll signify something really important to us as well?

The last trumpet is also the final third woe. Why is this trumpet separated by an entire chapter from the other six trumpets? Is this trumpet the Rapture?

This is also the second woe to come upon the earth. What is John describing and how will the nation of China fit in this?