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An Exploration into Unity Consciousness and New Paradigm Living as One. One Hand. One Heart. One Voice. One Love.

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Presented by: India Irie Sanatana Dharma & Russell Blattberg Let Us Help to Save Amy Janssen and Her Children I desperately need your help with an issue I am in touch with a woman who is facing 5 yrs in prison for trying to protect her children from her ex boyfriend who is pedophile he now has custody of the kids she has no money and no lawyer and will be put in jail if we do nothing we need to help this woman we need to expose these people..... and we need to help her raise money and get her kids back --Russell Blattberg 7/25/2014 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Amy-Janssen-and-her-children/682346148508184 https://www.facebook.com/shewhoisthescribe **ExpandingU is a lifestyle brand with emphasis on Conscious Living, Learning, Teaching & Healing. The project includes an ecovillage and institute of learning and teaching as a template model available globally.

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MISSION I'M POSSIBLE 19. New Tech Comes to Peru. Special Guests Ralph Ring, Clive De Carle, Fernando Vossa and Alex from Dragons Gate to discuss the amazing healing modality of Sacred Geometric Healing with the Light Mandala.... more

A new awakening is taking place, a resurfacing of ancient truths — an inner alchemy - a merging of divine feminine and divine masculine that religious dogma has enshrouded for centuries. A divine union relationship—is... more

''Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. I have done my best to bring truth to the world and it has left me in a terrible situation. I helped my friend Jordan Maxwell with his legal defense and now it is my turn to be helped.''-- R.... more

Presented by: Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari & Rhonda Paolo ELEMENTal Evolution's Wisdom and Vision: Please help us welcome a very special guest to the show tonight. Dhyana Moyer is a Fascial Counterstrain, and Somatic... more

''The trouble with men? Well, ask my Mother and she will say everything and frankly she may have a point? In this prequel to Wednesdays special show of the same title with Jeanice barcelo we are going to look at the common problems... more

MISSION I'M POSSIBLE 18 The Future of Project Financing With Representatives of the White Dragon Society Here in Tarapoto This is a special show with our Very special Visitors. Representatives of The White Dragons gate are here... more

Presented by Kami, India Irie, Anna & a guest panel of Our Divine Masculine Counterparts A Credo for My Relationships with Others: ''You and I are in a relationship which I value and want to keep. We are also two separate persons... more

A continuation in the series with Special Guest Clive de Carle, who founded Ancient Purity in 2010, along with Tom Stavely. Ancient Purity's products are supplied worldwide. Their focus is on natural health and wel-lbeing. They have... more

Elements are in every law that governs nature. These laws are simple and ancient, but they have been forgotten in our modern times. Humanity can benefit by regaining and establishing balance and harmony. The body naturally heals... more

The Big Salty Remedy Show .... What will keep us healthy and vibrant? Tail of Lizard and Eye of Frog! Really? Is that a remedy? With a little salt added or some spicy cayenne. A touch of ginger and a swirl of honey. Where does garlic fit... more