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An Exploration into Unity Consciousness and New Paradigm Living as One. One Hand. One Heart. One Voice. One Love.

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There Are No incurable Dis-eases, Only Incurable People ?The Mind is everything. What you think you become? Buddha If it is true that all dis-ease is a blessing in disguise then true doctors must help people to understand this. They must understand that we are here for a purpose and that most have wondered far from their own truth and light. Dis-ease can be our friend when we honestly look to see – at all levels – where we have strayed from truth and what do we need to see and change. On previous shows we have shown that at the perceived physical level we are dehydrated, acidic, toxic and nutrient deficient, but what about the mind and spirit? Are we supposed to just make the slaves well enough to return to the matrix of bondage? To return them back to a place where deceit and lies are the norm? We believe not. The Shamans and Spiritual Drs alike of the originee tribes knew that there is a spiritual (or more accurately perhaps dimensional) aspect to all dis-ease. That it is here to teach us, to guide us, to help us back to light. For it is said that the truth shall set you free, but it will also set us all dis-ease free. Join us to hear some of our stories of those that got the message and of those that didn't. To see why Rudulph Steiner maintained, ?if you want to heal yourself first heal the earth?. To see that the true Drs of our time duty is not just to show people what is right, but to show them what is light.
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