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Laurie Carty, Cognitive Skills Practitioner, explores topics such as the expansion of consciousness, Is there more to you than you know? What is the potential of human the human being? What are we truly capable of becoming? ESP, Remote Viewing, Energy Healing, UFO's, Paranormal Investigations, Astral travel, Reincarnation,

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Born with severe diabetes, Judy suffered a diabetic coma at the age of three. Her mother took her to see a Dr. who worked with scalar (unit of measurement in a field) fields to heal. Her health began to improve almost right away at by the age... more

Cynthia Crawford was born a fraternal twin with totally different blood type and tissue type than her twin sister. Unlike her twin, she was born without an amniotic sac, baffling the medical community. Prior to her birth, her father had been... more

Emmy nominated casting director Craig Campobasso discusses his new film, "Stranger at the Pentagon," which was inspired by true events from the book of the same name authored by Dr. Frank E. Stranges, and published in 1967.... more

Get ready for a powerful and informative show with 15 year veteran and co-founder of D2 Paranormal investigations. Debbie Manocchio and her partner Dawn Good have been ghost hunting for the last 15 years before it was popular... more

Encounters with death have given Stephen Redding a unique perspective on life. Surrounded by the palpable peace of his Green Lane home, the author and arborist contemplates and speaks about the other worlds and different realities... more

Dr. David Michael Jacobs, a recently retired professor of history at Temple University in Philadelphia, has been a UFO researcher for 47 years. In 1973, he completed his doctoral dissertation on the controversy of unidentified flying... more

Along with the untimely and suspicious death of his father Howard Reed, Thomas, his brother Mathew, mother Nancy, and his grandmother have a documented history of multi-generational abductions that would span over fifty... more

When "Interrupted Journey" exploded onto the scene in 1966, Susan was hooked on the UFO and abduction mystery. Even as a child, she was fascinated by the nature of "flying saucers.? A long time Mutual UFO (MUFON) member, Susan... more

Frank Chille has been a self proclaimed seeker of Arcane Knowledge for the past 45 years. He is a student of metaphysics, ancient civilizations, comparative religions, and has knowledge of little known contactee experiences and... more
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