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Exit Churchianity

Exit Churchianity


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Many people today have been deceived, enslaved, dumbed-down, brainwashed, demoralized, & led away from Christ by a false religion that I call “churchianity.” In churchianity, a dynamic personal relationship with Christ has been replaced by “church as usual,” pew-warming, religious entertainment, watered-down sermons, empty rituals, charismatic emotionalism, & false traditions. The Word of God has been replaced by a mixture of truth, error, and lies...& as the people blindly eat this toxic mixture, they remain carnal, immature, & enslaved to sin. Millions of people believe that they know God personally & that they're following Christ, yet they're merely wasting their time, energy, & resources traveling in circles through churchianity - the false religion that allows one to give God lip service on Sunday, & dance with the devil Monday through Friday down the broad road to destruction. This is man-made religion at its finest, & it will be addressed here from a Christ-centered Biblical perspective. I'm not here to condemn anyone. I'm here to expose churchianity as a FRAUD & point people to Christ who is The Way, The Truth, & The Life. I'm here to encourage God's people to come out of the darkness of churchianity...& come into His marvelous light & have a TRUE relationship with Christ. & if we abide in His Word, then we will be His Disciples indeed, & we will know the truth, & the truth will set us free.

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In this broadcast, I'll be sounding off from the Word about the importance of looking to God as our Shepherd/King & being led by His Voice.

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