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  • Power of Real Time Video, Growing and Diversifying, Leveraging Your Message

    in Entrepreneur

    Segment 1: In our Trends and Insights Segment we talk with Tracey Warren about how to use real-time video to enhance your message and build connection with your audience.
    Segment 2: Our Success Interview is with networking and sales expert Tish Times. She talks with us about her strategy for growing and diversifying her business, Tish Times Training and Coaching.
    Segment 3: The Business Builder Segment is all about how to leverage your existing coaching into a range of products that serve a diversity of clients.

  • It's hard to heal without this...The Art of Self Compassion

    in Self Help

    The Art of Self Compassion
    Join your host for Life Interrupted Radio Sharon Sayler for this uplifting and awe-inspiring interview with Sarah Peyton. Sarah Peyton is an international speaker and facilitator who has a passion for weaving together neuroscience knowledge and experiences of healing to unify people with their brains  and bodies. Just a few of the interesting insights she will share with you are:
    • How she personally achieved Self Reclamation after as she describes it was a “poster child for the late flowering of self”
    • What to do if mindfulness doesn’t work for you and simple ways to effective long term change
    • How when you remove the "Shame Spiral" you change your brain and fall in love with yourself again 
    • The power of an Empathy Circle to create empathy for all of your self: emotional, physical and spiritual 
    • AND How your life changes with two simple words
    Her motto is “Let yourself let in the sweetness of others and your self.” 

  • Discovering Your 3 Belief Gaps and How to Close Them

    in Women

    We all have beliefs. We are raised to believe certain things like “eat your broccoli so you can grow up strong” or “do unto others as we would want others to do unto you.” But as we reach adulthood.. often times there is a gap between what we believe and what we are actually doing. Those gaps could be at the root of our unhappiness, anxiety and could potentailly paralyze us from becoming the person we truly desire. Today is a new beginning. Join me and my guest, Hyrum Smith, as we discuss his new book, The 3 Gaps, to help you identify what those gaps might be in your life and how to begin to take action on closing them.
    Hyrum Smith is the co-founder and former CEO of Franklin-Covey. He is also a prolific author, world renowned speaker and all-around great human being.  He spoke at the International eWomenNetwork Conference and Business Expo a couple of years back and will be speaking there again this August.


    in Entrepreneur

    We celebrate the release of 4 Best Sellers in this episode.
    1st Make Your Own Bed by WILL WHITE Will talks about life and achieving anything you want as long as you set your heart, mind, and soul to it. Success isn't only about money; it's about building relationships, and making an impact on other people's lives. 2nd MARRIED TO A REBEL: 25-Years to Winning in Life, Family, & Love by JOHN GUIDRY John shares his story of being blessed in life together with his family and his loving wife who never gave up on him no matter how hard the circumstances are. He continues to thrive by letting God take control of his life.
    3rd Organize Your Life Create Peace of Mind by JASMINE ALEXANDER Life doesn't have to be complicated and stressful. One of the keys to having a peace of mind and stop overthinking is to have an organized life. Jasmine created this book to introduce you to a system that she created to help you with proven techniques to get your papers and important information organized.
    4th 365 Hip-Hop: Daily Motivational Quotes by CARL MICHEL It is easy to see the negative aspects of Hip Hop music that was why Carl wrote this book. He aims to change people's perception on Hip-Hop music by compiling 365 inspiring and life-changing quotes from your favorite Hip-Hop and R&B artists.

  • 51-On The Record: Words of Wisdom Volume 1

    in Business

    Snippet sampler from our "Words of Wisdom" segment featuring- Ken Kragen - episode 1 Paulina Logan - episode 2 Adryenn Ashley - episode 3 Sandra Garcia - episode 4 Jackie Otero - episode 5 Eileen Hoeter - episode 6 Rachael Sage - episode 7 Amanda Alexandrakis - episode 8 Sandra Dee Robinson - episode 9 Pamela Nekeber - episode 10 Linda Perry - episode 12 Bree Noble - episode 13 Gilli Moon - episode 14 Ocea Demer - episode 15 Soledad Haren - episode 16 Brandy Amstel - episode 17 Eev Rodriguez & Chris Nine of Manhole - episode 18 Nikki Glalspie - episode 19 Starla Fortunato - episode 22 Serona Elton - episode 23 Harriet Schock - episode 24 Jay Lane - episode 25

  • Do You Struggle With What You Charge? What You Earn?

    in Entrepreneur

    Why are women paid less than men?  Sometimes it is because we don't fully understand the value of what we do.  Join my guest, Business Coach Carrie Greene, who helps business owners see their value, charge what they are worth and earn the money they deserve.  She is the author of Chaos to Cash and Because You Are Worth It:  How To Make More Money By Charging More Money.  She is fearless in her own life and business and shares some very practical advice with us about making more money. 

  • #1621 Health and Your Success

    in Nutrition

    Sports Performance and Sports Injury Specialist Dr. Jon Porman talks with us about finding and unleashing your unique inner greatness. Dr. Jon has worked with more than 950 professional and Olympic athletes from 27 countries, and now he is bringing his experience to everyone. He believes that people can make simple shifts in their life that propel them to another level of greatness, not just in sports, but in business and life.

  • Women in the Headlines: The Women of Davos & NFL

    in Business News

    This week's episode crosses over controversy and mainstream media on women playing a center stage at the World's Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland.  With the focus on bringing more diversity to acknowledging the role of women in the economy, we discuss the women who are making pushing Davos out of it's comfort zone.  We also cover the role of women in the NFL, with the recent announcement of Kathyrn Smith being hired as the first full-time assistant coach for the Buffalo Bills.  This brings focus to the women in the NFL today, how it's being received and the efforts leading up to the NFL's Super Bowl and their first ever  NFL Women's Summit: "In the Huddle to Advance Women in Sport".  
    We also cover highlights of women in the media, sports and entrepreneurs blazing trails.
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