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Endeavoring to unlock the mysteries of the freedom movement by having guests that are successful in bringing about social and individual freedom.

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FInd out what the Ubuntu Party stands for and why we need it to save the world from the tragic end that is coming up fast. David Bryson is the founder of Evolvefest, one of the largest transformational festivals. He has his hands in so many wonderful progressive positive consciousness movements and we are lucky to have the co host of Evolve Quest being, David Bryson, being interviewd by Jack McCaig, the co host to Evolve Quest.
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Join us for another riveting discussion with Master-At-Law, Jon Myers as we dissect the meaning and implications of the "Legal Fiction" and why it is imperative to know and understand the difference between a "Legal Fiction" and... more

In this 2-hr Common Sense law sesh, we invite Master-At-Law, Jeffrey Macmullen to discuss the ways and means to END THE FED in 2015. Some topics to be discussed: ~The Conspiracy to Create The Federal Reserve Bank on Jeckyll... more

Join us for an enlightening 2-hr Jam Sesh with Master-At-Law, Robert Johnson, Author of "Sui Juris~ The Law of Full Age" as we dive into the subjecy of Visionary Culture and Lawful Society. Topics to be discussed: ~What does it... more

Landon Andrews joins us for a third time in 3 weeks for a very special supplementary episode because of vital information recieved in the last few days. As the Global Banking Fraud is being exposed and rejected worldwide,... more

Please join us for a 2hr download of HOPE with Sid Freeman, the Global Coordinator of the Ubuntu Liberation Movement. Ubuntu is spreading like wildfire around the globe as an answer and solution to the great challanges we face as... more

Join us for a 2-hr. Freedom and Law Jam Session with Landon Andrews, a man with an amazing story of adventure and self-discovery (see "To Hell and Back~ A Freeman's Journey to Sovereign Emancipation w/Landon Andrews") Last time... more

Landon was once a wild international marijuana smuggler whose love for surfing huge waves epitomized his character as a man who lives according to his own rules beyond the fringes of society. His world came crashing down when... more

(Hannah Rose was a no-show for this episode) Evolve Quest is blessed to have as a guest Hannah Rose, a Free Woman on the Land of the UK corporation area. Listen on how she became a free woman and what that means. Show will be... more

All Freedom Lovers, join us for a special 2-hr. Jam Session with Law Expert David Johnson as we deconstruct the massive fraud of the the US Legal System and expose the collusion between the Vatican, the Money-Changers/Banksters, The... more

What does it mean to be a private Peaceful Inhabitant of Planet Earth? What does it mean to be a Sovereign King or a Sovereign Queen? Learn the fundamentals of what is expected of those who would walk in the full power of their God-given... more