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SC Senator Jim Demint has been labeled a "King-Maker" by the media and the leader of the conservative push in congress and the senate. He will be on LIVE to talk about the November elections, the conservative cause, and the... more

John Faulk is a self-proclaimed constitutional conservative and is running against Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee in Texas's 18th Congressional District. Sheila Jackson has soiled the integrity of her position for years, including her actions... more

Nicholas Tucker is the director of the documentary "Do As I Say." The film chronicals the hypocrisy of the past and present elite and powerful, ranging from the Hillary Clinton to Michael Moore. To find out more about the film,... more

George Whitefield was one of the most influential voices and people of the Great Awakening and enlightment period of earlier American life. His preaching inspired many to fight back against King George's unyielding tyranny. Find out... more

James D Best is a noted author and was featured on the Glenn Beck program as part of the Founder's Friday's series to speak about his book "Tempest at Dawn" and James Madison... more

Rick Allen is running for Congress in GA's 2nd congressional District and will be on live to talk about his campaign. To find out more about Rick's campaign please visit: http://www.rickallenforcongress.com/ Listen LIVE by phone, just dial in @... more

Sheriff Jim Wilson will be on to talk about the Arizona Immigration Legislation battle with DC, the NRA, the 2nd Amendment and Chicago's outright defiance of the landmark Supreme Court decision a week ago. To find out more about the... more

John Kasich is running against Ted Strickland in the OH Gubernatorial race and has been making many strides in his attempt to become the next Governor. To find out more about Kasich and his campaign please visit:... more

Thomas Woods is a historian and Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, which provides a wealth of knowledge about economics. Woods recently released his newest book called "Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the... more

Dale Robertson is a tea party activist and founder of www.teaparty.org. He will be on to talk about the success and impact the tea parties have had on elections and the American mindset. Listen LIVE by phone, just dial in @ 347.324.3826 or... more
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