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Solutionsology.com Subscribe on iTunes Twitter Bob Miglani is an accomplished business executive at a Fortune 50 company and has authored two books. His newest book Embrace the Chaos was geared at helping all of us get past the... more

Solutionsology.com Twitter Subscribe on iTunes Many people overlook the importance of the use of language. Words can make people love you or hate you depending on how you present it. A single word, letter or character can make all... more

Solutionsology.com iTunes Twitter John Carter is not only an amazing trader and an expert on the markets, but an entrepreneur. He put the two together to bring us Mastering the Trade, which is a hefty dose of important knowledge, facts, and... more

Solutionsology.com Subscribe on iTunes Twitter With all the talk of resolutions, weight loss, kicking the smoking habit, and so many others that fell by the wayside already, James Clear will be on to speak about how to truly transform... more

Solutionsology.com Twitter Why do I continue to bring entrepreneurs, business/thought leaderds, and all the amazing guests that I have on? It's simple, there's a message, there's a story, and there's something to gain. Chris... more

Solutionsology.com Twitter George Ducas will be on to discuss his road to becoming a singer and songwriter. We are surrounded by so much talent today that we often forget how much work it takes. George and I spoke about the... more

Solutionsology.com Twitter Jim Piddock will be on to discuss his acting career, current/upcoming projects, and life as a media figure. Jim is always juggling multiple projects, but his newest venture, Family Tree, which is exclusive to HBO... more

Actress Jacqui Holland has appeared in many shows, movies, and productions, but all that is irrelevant if she didn't hustle and put herself in the right situations. Find out what it takes to make it as an actress and entertainer. Bio from IMDB:... more

Solutionsology.com Twitter For those of who remember, last week we had some issues in bringing you another great discussion. Doug Briney will be back on the show tonight in a rescheduled appearance. A little background on Doug Briney:... more

Solutionsology.com Twitter Ed Ducoin has one of the most amazing and inspiring success stories you'll ever hear. You'll want to hear his story and gain from his experience and wisdom. Background: In 1984, with less than a $500... more
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