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Interview w/ NY Times Best Selling Author Thomas Woods @thomasewoods @regnery @thekingdude

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From Regnery's website:
On the Road to Recovery—or Economic Armageddon America is on the road to recovery, right? The stock market is rebounding, banks are recovering, and the government is finally getting serious about spending cuts. Or so the morning newspapers and nightly news tell us. Not so fast, cautions bestselling author Tom Woods in his blockbuster new expose, Rollback: Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Fiscal Collapse.
"We're not on the road to recovery; we're on the road to economic Armageddon," explains Tom. "Thanks to decades of over-spending, over-promising, over-borrowing and over-printing, we've created a wave of debt that's about to swamp our already feeble economy and cripple us permanently." But in crisis there is opportunity. As Rollback reveals, we still have a chance to avert total economic disaster—but only by completely rolling back our runway government and drastically cutting back the programs and agencies we've been taught we can't live without.
In Rollback you'll learn: •Why practically everything you've been taught about government and the economy is wrong—the product of liberal pro-government propaganda
•Why a Balanced Budget Amendment will not solve America's debt problem
•Why Federal bankruptcy may be one of the best things that could happen to America
•Why ending the Federal Reserve is not a crazy fringe idea
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