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Learn how to apply feminism to your real life in order to work through issues, stand up for yourself, live your truth, and take collective action. Featuring interviews with feminists from across the movement, we'll explore how to deal with the everyday violence, dominance, and silencing that we experience due to our gender, sexual orientation, race, class, size, and more.

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Liberalism vs. conservatism is at the heart of American politics. And while engaging in healthy debate is encouraged, stepping over the line of respectful disagreement and engaging in personal attacks or hate speech is never okay... more

The topics of fertility and reproduction have gone from being one of the most intimate aspects of people's lives to one of the most public, profit-driven aspects. Many people are told that they should not fear their biological clocks ticking... more

Consent is a topic that often has much confusion surrounding it. But in order to have positive sexual experiences, consent is a must-have in any endeavor. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of what consent is and have little-to-no... more

It happens to many people every day. You meet someone new, you become mesmerized by them, and eventually fall in love. And then, it happens: You become codependent and start neglecting yourself, your desires, and ultimately,... more

When the concept of patriarchy is brought up, many people tend to think that it's an issue of the past. However, we know that this definitely is not the case. Patriarchy is, in fact, a major issue that still affects the livelihood of everyone... more

In a society that constantly advertises, praises, and caters to women with slim figures, it can be difficult for a curvy woman to accept their bodies, and as a result, they deprive themselves (and their bodies) of love. But everyone is... more

In their day-to-day lives, women are oftentimes propositioned by men for dates: The only problem with this is that these propositions are oftentimes riddled with sexually-charged statements. And while we, as feminists, don't want to... more

Navigating the dating world as a feminist can be frustrating and challenging, regardless of your gender identity and sexual orientation. The dating pool can feel awfully slim when you're looking for a partner that shares your feminist values... more

It's a common misconception that feminism employs misandry. There are a number of places where this misconception comes from, but regardless of the sources, they all have one thing in common: They serve to derail feminist... more

Gender is a universe, ever expanding and growing. Join leaders from the Brown Boi pProject as they share the impact of this transformative new organization, challenging masculine privilege as queer and trans* folk, and embedding gender... more