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Everyday Joy is the virtual Porch where Jen shares conversations about Joy, Life, Growth, Sharing, Learning, Love and Living in Essence.

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Have you ever been surprised to discover you aren't as open to Life as you thought you were? Do you limit or minimize your Creativity for fear of Failure or Judgment? Do you wonder how to keep your Creativity Flowing? Jen Halterman... more

Does the thought of Living Boldly make you want to hide? When you think of Living Boldly do you get scared and wonder who will judge you? Do you fear there is a right way and a wrong way to Live Boldly? With the Ego trying to keep... more

Have you ever found yourself teaching something that is a great idea but have never actually experienced it? Have you ever gotten an email campaign from many different coaches that is exactly, word for word the same? Have you ever... more

Have you ever whispered the title of your occupation when someone asks what you do? Do you introduce yourself to someone with an air of trying to prove yourself and a need for validation? Do you down play your accomplishment for... more

How do you react when you are knocked off your feet? Do you get excited about taking risks in the pursuit of your dreams? Are you ready to create a new understanding about what ‘failure' is? Today Jen Halterman welcomes... more

Do these questions, or others like them, fill the conversations you have with your children? How was your day? Did you get your homework done? Did you get the job? Have you met someone special? Are you still smoking? Do you need... more

How do I keep the relationship I am in thriving? How do I find my ‘Soul Mate'? What if I am in a relationship I don't want anymore? I am in TWO relationships, what do I do? I can't seem to let go of my past relationship, why?... more

Attention is the direction of Energy and Energy feeds Life… what is your Energy keeping Alive? Sometimes we are in situations that require our attention without distraction, like when the red and blue lights are dancing behind us as... more

Have you ever been to see a performer that is so amazing when you hear their CD that you can hardly wait to see them live because you KNOW they are going to be wonderful? Were they wonderful or did they lack energy and... more

Recognizing all of the ways you are not choosing to honor you is not an invitation to judgment but an invitation to get on course. Who are you? How do you know? What have you forgotten? What do you know for sure? What action can you take... more
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