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Everyday Joy is the virtual Porch where Jen shares conversations about Joy, Life, Growth, Sharing, Learning, Love and Living in Essence.

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Have you ever had a very clear dream, goal or plan and no matter how bad you wanted it you systematically destroyed it? Have you ever been on the cusp of achievement just to have some kind of fit and blow it all up? Have you ever... more

What is going to happen? Is everything going to work out? When will I meet ‘the one'? Who was at my door? Jen Halterman is talking about the ways that clients sabotage their sessions with the Coaches, Healers, Psychics and... more

Have you ever heard of a death bed confession that said ?I wish I hadn't tried to live fully, I wish I had settled for a mediocre life.? With so much available to each of us in life why would we choose to live a small life? Today on Everyday... more

Do You Mean What You Say? I'm Sorry. I Love You. It won't ever happen again. You have my word. I promise. How do you know if words spoken are authentic and hold any truth? Is it in the words themselves? No it is in the Actions.... more

Life is full of events; some are wonderful and some just plain suck! There is Birth and Death, Health and Illness, Joy and Sorrow and many other contrasting experiences. We all go through many different situations and sometimes we... more

Why would I leave my Comfort Zone? I am too old to change my life. Where do I start? Everyday Joy is inviting YOU to participate in the 4% Improv Challenge! How would your life change if you played more, dared more, explored more,... more

Did you know that YOU are already a master of Improv? What if I told you that you could change your life drastically by making One Change? Do you want to play a game? Today on Everyday Joy the talk is all about Improv and how... more

As Everyday Joy has explored and encouraged listeners to Live Boldly and choose into their Aliveness the questions and comments have come in by the dozens! Today Jen Halterman will be addressing some of the questions she has... more

?I don't have time for me.? ?I don't have the money for my hobbies.? ?It would be selfish of me to do what I want to do.? So many times we excuse ourselves right out of our Dreams and Goals and today on Everyday Joy we are talking... more

When have you been the most Creative in your Life? Do you consider Creativity to only apply to the Arts? Are you ready for more Creativity in your life, now? Today on Everyday Joy we are talking about some of the most stressful events... more
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