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Everyday Joy is the virtual Porch where Jen shares conversations about Joy, Life, Growth, Sharing, Learning, Love and Living in Essence.

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Do you like the attention you receive from sales pitches from someone you don't even know? Do you make choices based on your fears or your current level of panic? Do you know what your personal ?Why? is for joining a program or... more

Standing in front of Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh and an audience of thousands at the Hay House I Can Do It Denver event Jen received a personal message from her beloved and departed daughter, Kel Halterman. Now after... more

Are you tired of feeling lonely, broke and hopeless? Are you ready to make changes that will REALLY impact your life for the better? How would your life be different if Love, Money and Miracles flowed freely in your life? Today Jen... more

Do you know what your authentic flow is at work? How about at play? What if you could feel the flow of ease at work and play? Today on Everyday Joy Jen Halterman welcomes Megan Sillito back for more insights, skills and humor as... more

Are you the critic? Are you the fan? Are you the silent observer? Are you in the arena? Are you waiting for permission? Are you a player? Where are you playing out your life? On the field, in the arena or in the stands? Life is... more

Do you feel like you are stuck in an endless cycle of ‘Inner Work'? Are you tired of constantly ‘Processing' everything that happens in your life? Does everything seem to be a new ‘Sign' about what you are doing right or... more

Today Jen Halterman returns to Everyday Joy after taking 3 weeks to play, explore and experience Life and you are NOT going to believe what she is coming back to say! What is the number ONE form of self-sabotage Jen has witnessed... more

Everyday Joy is bursting with crazy authentic chaos again and you won't want to miss this show filled with an abundance of inspiration and fun! You may say creativity is for artists You may say you're not an artist so why bother, Your... more

When you sift through the Burdens you have been carrying and harvest the nugget of Wisdom you have gained what do you do then? Carrying and managing the burdens of life is an exhausting job! On the previous shows What Do You... more

Our experiences from our past are in the past, the burden we carry from those experiences is what we carry into our future. When we harvest the lesson of the experience and carry its wisdom with us it is an asset to us and is no burden at... more
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