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Evelyn Bowden

Let's Talk with Evelyn Bowden


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Let's Talk with Evelyn Bowden Host provides information about, education, economic conditions,and other issues that affect the quality of life.

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Evelyn Bowden points out the need for black business ownership for economic freedom and the survival of the black community. She talks about how coming out of slavery black forefathers and mothers knew the importance of... more

Evelyn talks about things done by the Obama administration that had a direct impact on the black community. She also put forth the premise that one must not ask others to do that which one can do for self.

Evelyn wil talk about how under a cloud of controversy Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America. She will talk about election 2016 and how voter apathy and misinformation played a part in the... more

Evelyn will talk about what people feel are the most important problems facing this country in 2017. She will review this week in the news on such issues as education, jobs and economics, politics and YES, religion too. The phone lines... more

Evelyn talks with Cody Winn about his writing of a poem that was nominated by his teacher for an award and inclusion in a book of poems by The America Library of Poetry. She also continues to look at automation and job loss.

Evelyn Bowden raises the question of who is responsible to provide jobs to workers whose jobs no longer exist due to automation. Shes puts forth the argument that automation is a sound business decision and solicits opinions in... more

Motivational Talk Show Host, Evelyn Bowden, will provide frank dialog about the uncertainty and possibilities of the upcoming new year. What is brewing nationally and internationally in the areas of politics, economics and education... more

This broadcast will address subjects such as Patient Views of the Trustworthiness of Physicians; False Beliefs of Medical Professioners and how these beliefs carryover into patient care, Physicians over & under prescribing medications ...... more

Evelyn Bowden talks about how to educate the children in a less than perfect public school environment. She will give information resources that can be used by both parents and children to give them the edge in increasing academic... more

Evelyn Bowden continues the discussion of the reality of public education, addressing is ways to help students achieve under less than favorable conditions. She talks about building a solid foundation before children enter the public... more