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Ethics Talk

Ethics Talk: Philosophy, Flourishing and The Good Life


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Socrates said that talking about virtue and the good life is one of the most important things a human being can do. That's where "Ethics-Talk" fits in. Housed in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Central Michigan University (CMU), The Center for Professional and Personal Ethics brings you discussions about ethical issues, both pure and applied. For us at EthicsTalk -- "ethics" is broad and encompasses things that affect a human being's flourishing. To that end, students working with the Center discuss ethics-related topics such as academic integrity, intrinsic motivation, procrastination, and cultivating self-regulation and other powerful habits. Additionally, we discuss study and motivational strategies related to intimidating endeavors such as studying for the bar exam. We are also very interested in how technology can either promote or hinder flourishing and discuss "media ecology" issues including the thought of Walter Ong and the concept of "digital virtue". In addition to our student produced show, scholars, authors and practitioners (such as Michael Strong, Anya Kamenetz, Lindsay Hyde, Thomas Farrell and Dr. Jeffrey Wigand) discuss ethics related issues with the Center's Director. To learn more about the Center, visit us at http://ethics.cmich.edu and follow us on twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/ethicstalk. ******************************************IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS FEED comes from BLOGTALKRADIO and does not include our complete archives. So we set up ANOTHER itunes feed which has the complete archives. thereafter. To access the COMPLETE archives, go to itunes, search for "ethics talk" and click on the hedgehog. Oh, and we like the hedgehog for the same reason that Jim Collins does.

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In his Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals, Kant famously claims that morality cannot be based on anything outside of the will. Rather, the source of morality is within the individual herself. In this show, we try to get clear on the... more

The historic trials of high ranking Nazi officials after World War 2 introduced "crimes against humanity" to the list of international crimes. In this show, we focus on "crimes against humanity" and the debate surrounding this category of... more

In November 1945 the victors of World War 2 commenced the historic "Nuremberg Trials" - in which a number of defendants including high ranking Nazi officials like Hermann Goering (commander of the German air force or... more

In this week's show, we continue discussing Tolstoy's views on alcohol, focusing on Tolstoy's arguments for complete abstinence in his essay ? "Why do People Stupefy Themselves." Tolstoy claims that even moderate drinking is profoundly... more

In his "Why do People Stupefy Themselves," Leo Tolstoy writes "men drink and smoke, not to keep their spirits up, not for gayety's sake, not because it is pleasant, but in order to stifle conscience in themselves." Written at the time... more

This week we will continue our discussion of violence, focusing specifically on violence used for so called ?humanitarian efforts?. We will consider whether or not there are circumstances in which violence is acceptable. We will... more

In this week's show, we discuss the relationship between violence and power. To do so, we will focus on Hannah Arendt's work "On Violence." What is the nature of power? And is violence ever a legitimate means to obtain power? When... more

Next Show: September 18, 2011, 7:00 pm NYC Time In this week's show, we discuss Andrew Carnegie's work "The Gospel of Wealth". In our own day, billionaires such as Warren Buffet and Bill & Melinda Gates have not only... more

After a 3 month long hiatus, EthicsTalk is back with a new season. In our last show (broadcasted live from The Netherlands!), we discussed our emerging transformational experience with the International Criminal Court - that show... more

In this special show, broadcasted from both The Hague (Den Haag) Netherlands, as well as Leiden, Netherlands, five students from Central Michigan reflect on their experience with the International Criminal Court in Den Haag. These... more
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