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Daniel Feindt

Eternal Connection


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A Show that Integrates Poetry, Philosophical Thought, Spiritual Conversation, & Life Strategies

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An explanation of what has happened in the first week of 2017 in my life. Basically the show encourages to listen to the voice within, that is the voice of unconditional love & all aspects of life. Whether it has been a successful fresh... more

Today, we will explore the paradox of Realistic Idealism. As the Holiday Season is now here, we can be idealistic, yet there are real situations to go through. Thoughts & emotions are hightened during this time. So, the exploration of being... more

A discussion about the type of stories we all tell ourselves about who we are and the life we live. As well, a new recording is shared titled, "Indescribable Description". Do we want a story of unconditional love or of something else?

Disclaimer: To try and describe the topic of this show is rather impossible. The more words I use, the less accurate I am in describing. Words are symbols of symbols. I try my best to point in the direction with ice toward the fire of truth. As... more

This show explores recent events in my life where the veil of illusion showed betrayal. I'll discuss how I still feel all is well & Love is the root of any scenario. We may get caught up in fear, ego, or other illusions, yet I feel to authentically... more

This episode explores how any conditioned action to make things perfect is actually moving away from what is already perfect. Are actions or verbs even necessary when it all just is? Does it build an illusion of what is happening... more

Today's show features the exploration of what is required for a breakthrough in life. Whether it is something that a person wants to accomplish, or a change that someone wants to happen. What prevents us from the quality of life that we want... more

Is your default mode stealing your dreams? How much time do you invest each day to achieve goals? Are distractions preventing you from what you desire to happen? This world, based on perception of thoughts, can be a wonderful place... more

Today's show explores the inquiry of truth, whether the constant & variables blend into an all encompassing experience the life we live on Earth as we know it. Through mathematics as an example, through silence & music, & through... more

Whether Garden of Eden, or from the time of our birth; have we been given an accurate perception of Life? Do we have a choice to perceive our experience the way our inner wisdom feels is truth? This & other aspects of Reclaiming... more