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Eternal Connection


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A Show that Integrates Poetry, Philosophical Thought, Spiritual Conversation, & Life Strategies

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An exploration of the Importance of making what us come alive a priority in our lives. Anything you've been putting off? If so, what have you done in the past to follow your bliss? These questions are addressed in this show, to... more

I'm finding as the new year moves forward, I want to set intentions for ways I want to experience life. A quiet peaceful mind is a beautiful thing & helps to not over-think any situation (which only leads to illusion & trouble) So, this show... more

The Best Way to start 2015, is with a show dedicated to Divine Unconditional Love. It is always a good reminder that it is who we are & what we've come from. This show addresses the difference between conditional ways of... more

I feel being mindful of any situation, whether within us or our outisde environment is important to have a good life. As well, compassion for myself & others helps to keep peace of mind. These topics are explored in this program, for... more

Sad or Happy? Comparison of Success? A view of the Big Picture & a metaphor of 2 sides of the same coin. Variety within the present moment; expansion via contrast. Reaching out & helping those who reach out, so you can get the help... more

In this world where the illusion of thoughts of comparison & judgment toward others seems to happen. It actually doesn't. We're all "never better"... we all have the truth of the inner well-being & equality we all share. Despite the... more

The premeire of the Short Story, "To Beyond and Back" set to music; meant for pure entertainment purposes. The story is set to a Tech-House Song I created on the Album, "Sounds of a Day Dream", to Find Out More, Tune in! Thanks!

In this show, Dan asks the question, ?What would I say for 10 minutes, if I didn't know what to say?? So, that is exactly what happened. Hmm, what did I say? You'll have to tune in to find out (if you so choose to)

What is the best way to interact with others, while keeping an open mind? How can I view others, if I feel they have an agenda of selling their formula for life? I really don't know, yet this show is a small rant of how I need to be kind to... more

There is always potential with new beginnings & they happen every moment of our life... when love is chosen to guide our thoughts & when clarity is found in viewing what is important to focus on, we can have miracles occur...