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Radio Show, Talking About You with ESTRA walks through the trials, tribulations, and victories of being involved in Car Accidents. You'll find her Blog, TV, Books, and Radio Programs provide wisdom, knowledge, and support. Individuals looking for what may happen after being in a traffic collision, when filing a claim with Auto Insurance Companies, applying for Employer ERISA Benefits, Social Security Disability, Surveillance, and Short/Long-Term Disability find helpful information.

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Thanksgiving is a time of gratefulness. After being involved in a car accident, being around to enjoy life and visit with others is a gift. Appreciating the simple things, insights through personal injury journey, and moments of reflections are part of this holiday. Today's show is about giving and receiving, which makes life so special with an injury or disability.
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Medical Services are more important than when you need them. A traffic collision is one of these times. Medical Bills can grow rapidly into a payment higher than most mortgages. Wages and monthly income can dry up faster than a... more

Most Employees view Employer Benefits as there for rainy days. Each day when Employees get up and head to work, most believe they will have a routine day. Drive to work, get there and do job, leave work, and attend to personal task.... more

It's finally time to negotiate a settlement after a car accident. The only expectation at this point, is receiving a fair equitable deal. But is this an unrealistic expectation? How do you know the value of claim? What about the... more

You've just been in a traffic collision. There is a copy of book, Car Accident by ESTRA in the glove box which is pulled out. The checklist in the back of book is used to document car accident. Now, it is time to talk with an Auto Insurance... more

What type of conversation can you expect to have with Auto Insurance Companies? What is the purpose of their questions? And what questions do you need to answer? It's important to start off on the right track when dealing with... more

Insightful experiences can be invaluable while processing Auto Insurance Claims. The journey begins at the scene of an accident and ends at the time of claim closure. ESTRA has been through this process with several Auto Insurance... more

One of the best things about 2014 New Year is everyone has a chance to start fresh. Share new goals, dreams, and hopes. Carrying past pains, such as a car accident will not be erased. Each year holds good and unpleasant memories.... more

Does 2014 Resolution include surviving a Car Wreck? Good for you! This journey typically has a lot of bumps in the road, yet, with a bit of planning, experiencing a bit of brusing is better than being thrown under the bus. ESTRA... more

Merry Christmas To You! This is a time of giving and receiving. A great gift is wisdom in order to advocate in your best interest after a Traffic Collision. Also developing the judgment and skills to evaluate those working on your behalf is... more

Christmas Joy Brings Hope. With all the struggles in past year, it is good to know there is still hope in this world. What one sees is not the only option. Christmas is a time to remember reason for this season, bringing a vision of good... more
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