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Radio Show, Talking About You with ESTRA walks through the trials, tribulations, and victories of being involved in Car Accidents. You'll find her Blog, TV, Books, and Radio Programs provide wisdom, knowledge, and support. Individuals looking for what may happen after being in a traffic collision, when filing a claim with Auto Insurance Companies, applying for Employer ERISA Benefits, Social Security Disability, Surveillance, and Short/Long-Term Disability find helpful information.

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Rarely is the conversation had about Short-Term or Long-Term Disability. Most people who apply don't realize many of the pitfalls or how often Employers under ERISA pay out these claims after two years. The fine print on these policies in my opinion, do the greatest harm to Policyholders. Join ESTRA today in sharing the best episodes of 2014 Radio Programs involving LTD Insurance Companies from a Policyholder's perspective.
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Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) has helped disabled in their quest for survival. In fact, many would likely live with greated dignity if Employers paid their benefits for longer than their two year average. SSDI operates as other... more

Many people have lost their faith during times of struggle. Are you one of them? Actually, at some point in life, this is a common occurrence, from my experience. What is the good news? Hope and faith can be restored, just as getting... more

Most Employees trust their Employer Benefit Packages at face value, but is this a good thing? How much fine print can be found in policy? Will those benefits be available when really needed? Are Group Insurance Policies the same as... more

There is much to learn when involved in a car crash. And, the Insurers (Insurance Companies) will know a great deal more about the process than Insured (Policyholders). Today's show will share important highlights from ESTRA Radio... more

Talking About You with ESTRA 2014 year in review shares favorite topics of the last 12 months. This year ESTRA will break things out by subject matter. Today in review is talking care of you after being involved in a car accident.

Thanksgiving is a time of gratefulness. After being involved in a car accident, being around to enjoy life and visit with others is a gift. Appreciating the simple things, insights through personal injury journey, and moments of reflections are... more

Emotions tend to run high during Holidays. Car Accident worries compound sensitivities. Ways to have happier holiday seasons begin with recognizing states of mind, addressing problems which can be resolved, and choosing how to... more

Instead of documenting a car collision from scratch which can be overwhelming or time consuming, try easy to use available tools. I, ESTRA will talk about options to make life easier when injured in a collision. With the right products, it will... more

What is the utlimate harassment and intimidation tool? Disability Surveillance. Fear is a common mechanism to move average citizens, but do you have to respond in insurer best interest or yours? Just because a company would rather... more

Did you know more car accidents occur in the Month of October? October is a good time to ensure car safety by getting a vehicle checkup in addition to being more cautious. But, what if you do beome involved in a collision? Get inform... more
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