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Talking About You with ESTRA advocates for Auto Insurance Policyholders involved in Car Accidents. Auto Insurance Claim Process is often lengthy, require dealing with individuals and corporations, and making unexpected decisions with serious consequences. Personal Injury, Medical Care, Unstable Income, Stress, Insurance Harassment, Intimidation, Surveillance Targets, Loss of Employment, Police, LTD, and SSDI. It's time for us to talk about what you are going through, I understand, support, and am here for you. - ESTRA

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Is Democracy Failing in America? Talking About You with ESTRA Season 8 Episode 8 Does hope lie in our democracy? Are we responsible for direction democracy moves? What is our role in Democracy? Today our conversations... more

What does democracy mean to you? How do you value this precious commodity? Do you protect it with your vote? Or do you leave it for someone else to take care of when no one else can hold up your part? Yesterday we talked about... more

Talking About You with ESTRA Season 8 Episode 6 See ESTRA Seattle Harassment on Twitter to see full scope of #InsurerHacking on the Episode. Volumes move high and low. Is Democracy failing in America? Is our system... more

This is our last day on 'I Will Not Relent". Words spoken from John Brennan sharing his determination to have Security Clearances protected against retaliation actions. It's been a week of sharing why it's important not to relent and how this... more

When a decision is made not to relent when faced by being harassed, intimidated, or bullying. Self-respect means recognizing your value and de-valuing those who think they are high and mighty. We are all made the same and deserve... more

Talking About You with ESTRA, Season 8, Episode 3, I Will Not Relent John Brennan, 'I Will Not Relent" is applied to many aspects of our lives. Americans have also stood up for what is right. Currently, the truth and fiction... more

Missed yesterday's show? This week topic is "I Will Not Relent." A stance that John Brennan took after his Security Clearance was taken by President Trump. Yet, many of us each day face situation which challenge our ability to... more

When John Brennan Security Clearance was taken away by President Trump, he made it clear, "I will not relent." Standing up and fighting for fairness and respect is important. Any of us can be intimidated, harassed, bullied, hacked,... more

Developing a Car Accident Work Plan before filing Auto Insurance Companies Claims builds confidence, allow preparedness, and a strategy. Instead of getting worked over and possibly denied benefits and settlements, be ready to stand... more

Holidays are a bad time for car wrecks, although anytime is unfavorable. Don't be shy or prideful, ask for support and enjoy the small things which makes it peaceful, joyful, and comfortable. Today lets take time to remember the reason... more
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