Talking About You With ESTRA

You & Self-Care After A Traffic Collsion

Talking About You With ESTRA

Talking About You With ESTRA

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Crash!  You are in an accident.  It is no longer simple tying shoes, changing clothes, or cooking for yourself.  In fact, you can hardly get out of bed each day. How unpleasant.  ESTRA understands your situation and wants to hear your questions and concerns, so let’s talk. 

Tune in on Saturdays at 11 am PST for “Talking About You with ESTRA” on BlogTalkRadio.  ESTRA knows firsthand your situation.  You have an opportunity to talk with Guest Speakers as we discuss experiences dealing with Insurance or Self-Insured Employer Claim Processes.  Disabilities, harassment, intimidation, surveillance, are among the topics.  ESTRA also slips in other fun and informative facts.

ESTRA’s has dealt with Insurance Companies such as USAA, Geico, Pemco, Progressive, Farmers, Premera, Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Medicare. Lifewise Assurance Company, and Social Security.  ESTRA’s new book, “Car Accident/Personal Injury Wisdom, Knowledge, & Support" is now available at local or online bookstores.

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