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Talking About You with ESTRA Talk Radio Show shares knowledge and experience of being involved in collisions. Here you will find car accident support for Policyholders dealing with Auto Insurance, Employer, LTD, Social Security Disability, Surveillance, and much, much, more. ESTRA welcomes your participation. Whether currently in a car wreck, needing support, or interested in learning more about Insurance Claim Processes, read, listen, or watch with ESTRA.

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Memorial Day brings a pulse where many are in the grief process. There is no proper way to grieve a love one. The best one can hope for is healing and positive memories will outweigh those associated with suffering. In fact, holidays do not stop the loss of life. Many will lose theirs today in a car accident. This show will let the families of people lost while serving their country know our deep appreciation of what they have given to us and how to continue to live with hope after loss.
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Employee Benefit Packages provided by Employers are increasingly under ERISA Legislation passed by Congress. The lastest ACT was passed in 1974. Frankly, in my opinion, its time for an overhaul of this legislation. Employees have few... more

Auto Insurance Companies currently can ask Insurance Policyholders for anything they want in response to a claim being filed. Who would provide them with so much power and why? This opens the door for bad faith practices... more

Mother's Day is a special time to say thank you to special women in your life, this includes any ladies who hold a special place in your heart and soul. Simple, kind expressions of love will go a long way in letting them know they are truly... more

Stages of personal injury after a wreck starts with unbelief, confusion, pain,and suffering. Reality of situation eventually sets into the mind. Worries about today and tomorrow weigh heavy against goals and dreams. One day, the sun does... more

Recovering in love means being kind and patient with yourself during difficult times. It requires acceptance of being in a place which does not offer the goals and dreams sought prior to a car accident. Keeping your mind moving... more

When Congresses main income did not come from Lobbyist or fundraising activites, perhaps loyalty to American Citizens came easier. While Main Street has been sleeping or convinced they too could become a part of the 1% by the... more

Few people are ready to be followed around via cars, bikes, walkers, or commerical vehicles. In fact, comprehending harassment and intimdation due to filing an Insurance Claim is opposite of whats expected. Instead of... more

Imagine going to Police Station and asking for help only to be turned away multiple times. This doesn't just happen on police television shows, but often by those attempting to report harassment at Law Enforcement Offices. What... more

Social Security Disability Income support does not come without a price for poor and middle class people. Anytime money is involved, this can bring out issues with haters whether individuals, corporations, or in government agencies.... more

Every morning when getting ready for work most people do not imagine getting into a life changing car accident. It happens. Most people take notice when it happens to them or someone they love. No worries you've been paying... more
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