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Radio Show, Talking About You with ESTRA walks through the trials, tribulations, and victories of being involved in Car Accidents. You'll find her Blog, TV, Books, and Radio Programs provide wisdom, knowledge, and support. Individuals looking for what may happen after being in a traffic collision, when filing a claim with Auto Insurance Companies, applying for Employer ERISA Benefits, Social Security Disability, Surveillance, and Short/Long-Term Disability find helpful information.

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Only by doing reseach on state or federal laws regarding rights after a car wreck will you know whether decisions are being is in your best interest. Is it the right course of action for your or does it benefit Auto Insurance Companies? Knowing answers in the beginning of a claim may avoid mistakes that leave you feeling like you've been eaten by piranahs. Confused? Concern? Uncomfortable with the choices made regarding claim? Join me, ESTRA in a discussion about: Researching Your Rights After A Wreck.
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Is your Auto Insurance Company asking for an Independent Medical Exam after filing injury claim? Did they tell you that many of these people performing exams are on their payroll? Have you taken a look at comments made by people... more

Is life falling apart after a car wreck? Has income evaporated? Every other week is spent dealing with paperwork request from Auto Insurance Companies, Employers, Attorneys, Social Security Disability, Long-Term Disability Insurance... more

Today in the United States, many citizens face more obstacles than in last two generations. Current generations wonder whether Social Security will be there for them, and that's if they can find employment which pays a wage to live on... more

Adversity tends to make people stronger when making up their minds not to give up or give in. Constant struggles are face by those injured in Auto Accidents. They must fight for their benefits with Insurers, be that Insurance Carriers or... more

Most people seriously injured in a Car Accident have an uphill climb. They must face those with power, resources, and experience whom once thought were looking out for best interest. In fact, Auto Insurance Companies or Employer's... more

Today, discover 5 ways to make life better after a car wreck. ESTRA believes in keeping things simple, easy, and can be incorporated in every day life. Keeping stress levels at a minimum will help with recovery and provide encouragement... more

Just approached the "stop sign" of life? Can't see intersection with future paths? It common to be taken back when hit with problems. Get over the shock, regroup, and find your way back on track. Are you willing to start today and build a... more

Congress has made ERISA Legislation which provides unfair advantages for Corporations. In fact, there is no recourse in the law which provides compensation for Employers holding back benefits just because they can. Most... more

Why Insured Civil Rights? Many people injured in Car Accidents can spend up to ten years waiting for a fair and equitable settlement, only to be worse off by the end of their claim. In fact, far too many find themselves living at poverty... more

10 Auto Insurance Claim Tactics you should know will help avoid costly mistakes with insurance carriers. In my opinion, President Clinton's saying of trust, but verify applies when involved in an auto insurance claim. These companies have... more
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