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Talking About You with ESTRA is a car accident radio show which shares the problems and solutions of Insurance Policyholders dealing with Insurance Companies, Employee Benefits, Social Security Disability, and other concerns such as Disability Surveillance which occur after a collision. Listen every Monday at 7:30 pm PST. Call the host at (718) 766-4385 during the show to share comments and experiences. Join in for honest talk with honest answers. Find over 100+ podcast on Blog Talk Radio, iTunes, and ESTRA Car Accident Official Site. Follow ESTRA on @ESTRAsRadioShow on Twitter and https://www.facebook.com/ESTRARadio.

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Why injured would be placed under surveillance in most cases is due to the greed of Insurance Companies, Employers, or Social Security Disability for Wall Street. Most cases of fraud are performed by white collar companies with the power and resources to hide their actions. People whom become disabled after a car accident are typically poor with not enough resources to protect themselves against multi-billion dollar corporations, especially when most do not have enough to take care of themselves and their families. Their time is often spent trying to survive day to day struggles. Therefore, attempts to break injured or disabled people down for the greed of Wall Street Companies shows a sad state of affairs and standards set by the Insurance Industry. Congress has the power to change these circumstances through enacting Insured Civil Rights Legislation to protect Policyholders. Until corporations or organizations who harass and intimidate injured or disabled people after a car wreck decide to do the right things, you must make the decision to lay down and be walked over by these companies or stand up to protect yourself and those in similar situations. Today let's talk about surveillance Life After Disability.
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