Talking About You With ESTRA

Talking About You With ESTRA

Talking About You With ESTRA

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Welcome to ESTRA Car Accident Talk Radio Show. Traffic Collisions bring many concerns physically, emotionally, financially, along with a time of making major life decisions. Join me, ESTRA in having this conversation from a injured person's perspective.

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This Easter, it is time to review what is happening in our world today and discuss what Jesus would NOT do. Just as Jesus went out into the wilderness for 40 days, it starts with each of us looking at ourselves and what we... more
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It easy to get out of the habit of personal care when not feeling well. However, doing one simple upkeep a day, can mean a lot to lift your spirit in troubling times. How easy can this be? By implementing creative ideas, after a short period of... more

Creating a "better" you after an injury takes courage. Yet, the payoff includes increasing self-respect and learning new ways to enhance physical and emotional attributes. Life explorations can bring a new hopefulness and open up windows... more

Many sick or injured people attempt to solve problems with their Social Security Disability by going into the nearest office. But is this the best choice? Did you know all offices are able to resolve your concern? The reputation of specific... more

Filing Income Taxes rolls around one each year, yet it seems so much closer. "If you can't catch up, it hard to keep up", is what my Grandfather use to say to me. And when injured, sick, a single parent, or just to many things to address,... more

Are many sick or injured people cut off from Long-Term Disability Benefits after two years? Does that sound like long-term support for the injured? Is this something in the fine print? And were do those premiums paid for go? Let's talk... more

Has it almost been a year since injured from a car wreck? After the traffic collision, enrolled in Short-Term Disability? And now it is time for Long-Term Disability? Does Employer's Benefit Policy require you to apply for Social... more

Every State has an Insurance Commisioner's Office who monitors Auto Insurance Company activities and ensures the laws of the State are being followed. In fact, many of these offices handle complaints againts Auto Insurance Companies by... more

How does Congress and Corporations chart your destiny when involved in a Car Accident? ERISA. This is Legislation Congress developed with too much input from corporations and not enough concern for sick or injured individuals, in my... more

Medical Services are more important than when you need them. A traffic collision is one of these times. Medical Bills can grow rapidly into a payment higher than most mortgages. Wages and monthly income can dry up faster than a... more

Most Employees view Employer Benefits as there for rainy days. Each day when Employees get up and head to work, most believe they will have a routine day. Drive to work, get there and do job, leave work, and attend to personal task.... more
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