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The Economy and the Republican Contraceptive Smokescreen

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Country Diva

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Yep - it's ALL smoke and mirrors, folks.

The repugs are NOW saying that Ms. Sandra Fluke was put forth by the Dems to make the repugs look bad and to keep people's minds off the real issues - Really - like the economy and jobs?

Here is a quote from Andrew Sullivan who has a blog called "The Dish" on the "Daily Beast." I believe it was from Oct of 2011:

"If you'd told me in January 2009 that the banks would pay us back the entire bailout and then some, that the auto companies would actually turn around with government help and be a major engine of recovery, that there would be continuous job growth since 2009, however insufficient, after the worst demand collapse since the 1930s, that bin Laden would be dead, Egypt transitioning to democracy, al Qaeda all but decimated as a global threat, and civil rights for gays expanding more rapidly than at any time in history ... well I would be expecting a triumphant re-election campaign."

Amen, Andrew.

Tonight I am going to - again - refer to comments in a thread on FB made by an obvious Faux Newsie, and yours, truly.

Let's stop all the BS, folks. The economy IS improving, there are already almost 4,000,000 net jobs added to this economy in the last 24 months - more than baby Bush added in his entire 8 years. So who is blowing smoke now?

I intend to discuss this and more, tonight.

I hope you will join me.