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The Country Diva Show - The LIGHTNING ROD of Internet Radio airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays starting at Noon (12 p.m.) covering MOSTLY politics, thereby making the show of interest to ALL people who can think...I am a Progressive, and will cover topics from the Progressive's POV, but will listen to the other side. If you are from the other side, and make sense, I'll even agree with you! Topics other than politics covered on this show include family finance, natural remedies, women's health, renovating/decorating on a shoestring - something about which I know a LOT, and anything that strikes my fancy. I hope you will enjoy my show as much as I enjoy producing it!

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Bowling Green Massacre. Rigged Election. (OK. I'll give him that one. They WERE "rigged" - in his favor.) Millions of "illegal aliens" voted. Voter fraud. Thousands of Muslims in NJ cheering on 9/11. These are just a few examples of... more

PBS hosted a Debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tonight. What are the differences? Are they truly 93% the same? Who would be the best president - Hillary or Bernie? The Republican Clown Car has departed for South... more

My last 1/2 hour of this election cycle will be earlier than usual tonight. I want to catch ALL those of you who have not yet voted, or know someone(s) who have not voted. I will give you as many reasons as I can think of to vote straight... more

It's FINALLY here. After the way too long campaigns. After all the republican lies. After all the attempts at voter suppression. The Voter ID Laws. The cutting of Early Voting Days. After all the BULLSHIT about "legitimate rape," and how god... more

Power's back, but that was the worst of my problems over the last three days. Others did not fare so well. The first picture is my next-door neighbor's house. She lived there until this summer when they decided to put it on the market.... more

Within the framework of a half hour show I wasn't able to give the kind of coverage I wanted to give to twisted christie's idea of what is considered "small ball," so I am covering it tonight. Women, do you consider abortion;... more

Oh My GOD!!! I can't believe what that twerp, Ron Christie - a repugniturd operative, and MSNBC contributor just said on "The Ed Show." I don't know about YOU, but my right to privacy concerning my health care - in fact everything... more

What a bunch of crap! Tonight I will rant about face book - and their violation of my free speech rights - right before the election. Also I will tell you why I know that EVERY election is important - from POTUS to dog catcher - the Supreme... more

Are you finally convinced? Can we afford to keep repugs in Congress or put Romney or his ilk in the Oval office? Chances are - if you are retired - or you were a teacher, firefighter, police officer, and were laid off - or your former... more

The American Embassy in Libya under attack, protests at our embassy in Egypt - and Romney does WHAT? Even Republicans think he has "gone and done it this time," as one of my conservative friends said this evening. I'll have the Embassy... more