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Esquire Coaching Radio Show is for attorneys who want to have greater personal and professional success and fulfillment through personal empowerment.

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Mary L. Smith is Special Counsel & Estate Trust Officer at the Office of Special Deputy Receiver in Chicago, Illinois where she helps manage over 23 entities with approximately $1.5 billion in assets. Previously, she was General Counsel at the... more

In today's ever-changing technological age, it can be overwhelming to keep up with current trends. The Internet has revolutionized the way in which we do business and communicate with one another. For lawyers, the time has never... more

Many in our rather workaholic society value material success, financial accomplishment and other signs of work-related achievement. We may accomplish much but do so at the cost of our most important relationships and... more

Tips for Lawyers 101: How to Become the Trusted Advisor & Make an Impression That Lasts In this conversation we will be reviewing the ways in which lawyers can quickly become the trusted adviser with clients instead of just an attorney.... more

We are celebrating Esquire Coaching's 1-year anniversary! Here is a statement honoring this milestone from our CEO & President, Ann Jenrette-Thomas: 'In our first year, we've impacted thousands of lawyers across the US through our... more

During law school, many had dreams of working at a large law firm. While it was understood that the hours would be long, there was the appeal of the large salary, the lunches in the city, the happy hours, and the general camaraderie at... more

Leading from the Inside Out: How to Fill the Gaps and Elevate Who You are in What You do Who are Leaders? We tend to think of them in only a business sense: the business owners, CEOs, professionals (like lawyers!), executives, or... more

"Hacking Law School: Creative Suggestions for Excellence and Expertise During Your Legal Education" is an unusual, behind-the-podium, 21st century approach to law school in an age where legal jobs for new graduates are scarce and... more

How many of you have paper on your desk? And How many of you like paper on your desk? Studies show that an average executive spends 1 hour every day looking for a lost document. This adds up to 6 weeks a year! Now that's a large... more