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Esquire Coaching Radio Show is for attorneys who want to have greater personal and professional success and fulfillment through personal empowerment.

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How many of you have paper on your desk? And How many of you like paper on your desk? Studies show that an average executive spends 1 hour every day looking for a lost document. This adds up to 6 weeks a year! Now that's a large... more

As a lawyer, you've been taught, ?the work speaks for itself,? as if clients will just find you in the vast sea of competition. The truth is, you're running a business and you must find ways to distinguish and market yourself, to let prospective clients... more

When you first commit to the whole concept of entrepreneurship, starting a solo practice, you are simultaneously ecstatic and frantic and giddy and fretful. Once the decision is made, though, it seems you can't get started soon enough. You... more

Research shows at least 50% of US adults identify themselves as introverted. And according to an article published by Psychology Today 50% of US adults say they are shy. Statistically at least half of your conference attendees will fall into one... more

The LGBT Bar Association is the nation's largest organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied legal professionals. With thousands of members spanning the corporate, firm, non-profit and government sphere, The Bar plays a... more

As a contributing author to the book 'The Happy Law Practice', Ketema wrote a chapter on Cultivating Inner Peace. He strongly believes that everyone has a unique expression to share with humanity and that inner peace is attainable by... more

Many successful business owners have found that their business shot up to an entirely different level when they published their first book. Judy Weintraub works with entrepreneurs and professionals just like you to write and publish your... more

In this episode, we will present practical information and examples on how nurturing a national network of professional & personal contacts is essential to a lawyer's success. Topics covered will include: how to use a national bar... more

When job candidates go through the interview process, and even in the first stage of their employment, it can be really hard to tell if they're going to ultimately help or hinder your business. The very people who seem to be dream... more