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Paranormal, parapsychology, Demons


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demonologist Dr jerry williams has worked in Demonology for over 12 years. He is a minister at New life ministries. He has certifications in Demonology, exorcism and Deliverance and now has a PHD in behavior science of ministry and Doctrine of Divinity. Dr. Jerry works with a team in Ohio called Eastside Paranormal Society. He has worked with Ghost adventures and many teams around the USA. Dr. Jerry is currently enrolled in Parapsychology at Edinburgh online school and looks to graduate in march 2014. Dr . Jerry loves teaching and learning. He invites all of you to his school of Demonology . These shows will cover all the paranormal.

On-Demand Episodes

Demonologist Dr. Jerry Williams covers Parapsychology and the basics of knowing this field for the paranormal.Dr. Jerry welcomes everyone to join us.

Demonologist Dr. Jerry Williams and Demonologist and Paranormal investigator Julie Schnider welcome Ray Sette...The Author of Astrology Books and the Dimmensions and Paranormal Investigator Mike Redding of Redding... more

Demonologist Dr.Jerry Williams talks about Demonic Possession and Exorcisms. Who knows the real facts about who can perform exorcisms and Deliverance. Some claim the Catholic Church...you will be surprised on what we found....

Demonologist Dr.Jerry Williams covers Demonic remote exorcisms by Skype. Does it really work and investigating by skype is this effective? Then later parapsychology 101

Dr. Jerry Williams is a Demonologist and practicing Parapsychologist. Tonight he covers PSI and Poltergeists-Ghosts. How do they use PK and Telepathy. Are Psychics and Mediums real or fake? This has been a controversial area.How... more

Demonologist Dr.Jerry Williams covers The incubus/succubus and other Entities that attack.

Demonologist Dr.Jerry Williams covers energy and ghosts and then anatomy of an orb. Then Demonic information of the day

Demonologist Dr.Jerry Williams covers parapsychology in the paranormal with ghosts, PK, ESP And more on reincarnation. Plus coast to coast am join us for parapsychology Today.

Demonologist Dr.Jerry Williams covers Demonic attacks and Demonology terms and facts. This is a show you will learn new information about in Demonology. ....

Dr. Jerry Williams of Demonology covers Reincarnation and outer body experiences. Then Parapsychology Today.