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esoteric science roundtable

esoteric science roundtable


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The motto of Esoteric Science Roundtable is "Enlightenment vs. Enfrightenment." The study and practice of the metaphysical can and should lead the steadfast adherent to love instead of fear. It should also provide one with a healthy sense... more

Mysteries of Christ Part 1 Approach Christ is considered the Alpha and Omega. He is the embodiment of the quality of love. Throughout the history of the planet, there has been a gradual descent of Divinity interacting and impressing the... more

Ray Projections-the energies that underlie manifestation are known as the 7 rays. Just in the same way that colors blend to make other shades, so do these energies blend to create various forces and dynamics. These energetics have... more

Immersion-water has long symbolized the emotional nature. It is the universal solvent and the elixir of life. We are moving out of the influence of Pisces. Because of this, our desires are re-orienting towards an Aquarian influx of... more

Form and Frequency-

CRISIS-throughout human history, crisis has shaped our evolution and our outlook. Crisis has forced us to access our ablities and our potential, refining consciousness through "trial by fire."
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